Thursday, January 21, 2010

thursday's thirteen

(disclaimer: i usually put these off until the last second. this week is no different. but after the busy night we had, i wasn't sure if i could come up with all 13 by myself...or if i did, they definitely would have been half-assed. and i don't like to half-ass. long story short, i bargained with jay. told him that if he wrote half of them, i'll give him "special treatment." hook, line, sinker. the man falls for it every time. god love him for being so easy. literally. so here they are. the first 6 are from the hubster. enjoy!)

1.) Finally made it to a basketball game this year. I took for granted how easy it was to take the Mabster. Lyla is a sweet mess, but in order to get her to make it through a whole game, you need 2 tubs of popcorn and a jumbo hot dog. Go Blazers!

2.) After 6 months straight, we finally pulled Little Mermaid out of the dvd player in Kim's car. Now on to Lion King. Hakuna Matata.

3.) The new year is finally kicking full force at work. There's always that "relaxed don't break nothing" attitude going on during the holidays, but now that it's over, it's fun to actually get some projects done. Definitely makes the day go by quicker.

4.) Lost...I cannot wait.

5.) Had to take my IMAC back to apple to be repaired. They ended up having to replace the entire computer, however, no replacement has arrived. They have had it for over 5 weeks. Frustrated, I am.

6.) I am very appreciative of Kim for supporting all my hobbies. I have had a lot. :) Paintball, ping pong, bowling, cycling, hunting, shooting clays, shooting a bow, fishing, boating, photography, golf, tennis, poker, rc car racing.....etc. I think jiu jitsu is the one hobby that has stuck the longest. 4-6 times a week for the past 15 months, and I'm still addicted. Yet the entire time, Kim has supported it.

(i think he seriously wants that "special treatment" after his last one. and now here are mine...)

7.) today is going to be one crazy busy day. i'll be jumping from dropping off the mabster at school, to meeting tita karmie at work, to YB's house, back to pick up the mabster at school, to taking both girls for their last pediatric eye exam thingy, to home, and then finally to gymnastics. (lunch is suppose to fit somewhere in there.) ack! that said, i plan to take everything in baby steps. if i think about all of it at one time, i will freak myself out. what helps knowing though is that daddy will be taking the mabster to gymnastics, and as soon as they get home...

8.) YB and i will be flying out the door and meeting up with friends for a mom's night out at superior grill. that place has missed us, and i am oh-so longing to sit outside on the patio while listening to live music with a margarita in hand. so *that* my friend, is what will keep me motivated and in good spirits today. at least that's what i'm telling myself...

9.) (in honor of MLK day) importance: to remember not to judge people by the color of their skin rather by their annoying personalities and various character flaws. crazy has no color.

10.) last night while at dinner, my fortune cookie read: "Investigate new possibilities with friends. Now is the time!" YB responded back with, "That just means trouble...who has our bail money?" my thoughts? I was hoping for two "get out of jail free" cards. :o)

11.) the little one is obsessed with hangers. it's like they are a cumbersome puzzle to her. she'll move them around, untangle them, and hand them to me. i take it as her contribution to helping mommy with the laundry. definitely a win-win.

12.) losing weight. such a constant battle. however, i have lost 40+ pounds since having the toshy. figured i'd try to look my best during what jay calls "my off season." ya know, before the next pregnancy. the best is when i weigh myself before i go to sleep, and then again when i first wake up in the morning...i step on the scale and notice that i lost a pound. overnight. it's like my fat ate my fat while i was sleeping. how fakkin' awesome is that!?

and lastly,

13.) this weekend includes a "castles and crowns" trunk show at my house, a "pampered chef" bridal shower with college friends, and my nephew's birthday party at "huntsville's space and rocket center." i'm pretty pumped about all of the above. even though i'm sure my checkbook isn't.


*Yankee Belle* said...

We do need to have a bail money back up... ;)

Kim said...

no doubt.