Sunday, January 17, 2010

weekend at the lake

this weekend, we stayed at the lakehouse and pretty much bummed like it was going out of style. no rush out the door. no go, go, go. and definitely no showers. if we were going to do nothing, we were going to do it right. we watched a couple of movies and let the girls play with anything that entertained them.

here's a picture of the toshy that i couldn't resist staging. i found an old "little house on the prairie" bonnet that mamaw had given the mabster a couple of years ago. also, i noticed pawpaw's old wood-burning stove that he now displays in the sunroom, and i grabbed tita karmie's old rocking chair. take a gander if you will. it's the toshy meets the 1890s. and it was ridiculously adorable. seriously though. check out that bonnet. hawt, no?the child is addicted to hats right now. if she sees one, straight on her head it goes. also, the girls ended up climbing the couches for about an hour only to jump on top of the piled up cushions on the floor. they both thought it was barrels of fun, and it was sweet watching the mabster help baby sis use the drum set to climb up. see. who needs expensive toys? give'em fluffy pillows and an elevated area, and it's nearly a damn circus. i love those midgets.saturday night, we made a quick trip over to the farmhouse where mamaw made us her famous chicken-n-dumplins. it's a staple that she cooks that for us every time we go up. we love'em, and it's a guaranteed meal that both girls will slurp up. here's a picture of mamaw and the toshy just hanging out and playing. whatta ya know? the toshy's donning another hat...lastly, i thought this view of the girls was sweet. throughout the weekend, they'd stare out of the windows in the sunroom just glaring at the water. the mabster asked repeatedly, "where's daddy's boat?" she said that lyla wants to sit in her lap and go tubing with her this year. oh lordy. the kiddos are going to be something this upcoming lake season. i can feel it...