Friday, January 8, 2010

welcome home, merriss!

friday night, we bundled up the girls and ate a family dinner at o'charley's (kids eat free, and we were craving their soup). after dinner, we dropped off the girls at lola and pawpaw's house. from there, we headed over to tony and maloney's for a "welcome home" party for our friend, patrick merriss. the party started at 7:00pm, and everyone was excited to see each other especially the guys since they are all old fraternity was so cold that night...(how cold was it?) was so cold that night that they left the keg outside and not on ice. pretty clever, eh? also, some of the funny happenings throughout the night were when everyone made fun of stinky (the short jokes never end with this guy) when he jokingly posed for a picture using claire's kitchen set. it was just his size! also, we couldn't help but notice maloney's "to do" list on the chalkboard in the kitchen. being the good friends that we are, someone added tony's name to the list. admittedly, i added more specifics as in "reverse cowgirl" while jay added a "drawn to scale" picture of some junk. *chuckle* i mean c'mon, that's important information for a drug rep, no?later in the night, everyone flooded in and the shots of jager began. it's pretty comical when after the first shot, all the guys almost yack and scream, "how the hell did we ever shoot that sh*t!?" you're getting old guys, getting old. furthermore, after much talk about jersey shore, the next party: guido & guidette mixer. sprayed on tans and abs along with pickles and skunk bumpit hairdos? oh. it's on. overall, here's to you, merriss. thank you for serving our country and god bless!


Merriss said...

Just saw all this...Thanks, even if I am a few years late.