Sunday, February 28, 2010

a day of play with tita karmie

today tita karmie came over to pick up the mabster for some one-on-one fun. their first excursion was to the alabama art museum. in all honesty, i'm really glad that tita karmie enjoys taking her there because i never really think to. i guess i'm just scared that my kid won't be quiet enough or will break something valuable (that'd be my luck). needless to say, tita karmie said that the mabster was a good girl and enjoyed playing in the kid's section with the indians. she played with the clay bowls, shook the turtle shell rattle, and went exploring throughout the museum. also, tita karmie got some super cute pictures, including one of the mabster acting like a sculpture with one hand on her hip and an arm behind her. too cute.later they headed outside where the mabster played hide and go seek in the clouds arrangement. the first pic is of my sweet child hiding while the second one displays when tita karmie found her. surprise! it was a beautiful day to go outside and play. here are some pics...after they were done playing around at the art museum, tita karmie took the mabster to watch the "princess and the frog" movie at the dollar theater. they ate popcorn and the mabster was allowed to pick out some candy of which she chose a box of jelly bellies. after the movie, they headed to the vulcan park and museum. this is where tita karmie showed her the gorgeous view of our magic city and where vulcan lives. she told her that vulcan sits on top of the mountain watching over birmingham and scaring away any bad monsters with his spear. the mabster loved the whole idea of that. here are some pics. my favorite is the one of her imitating the cast iron statue.throughout all of their adventures, the mabster told karmie that she was hungry. tita karmie asked her where did she want to eat, and she responded with, "full moon bar-b-que." i thought that was pretty funny. so that's exactly where they went. talk about spoiling my kid for the day...she'll never want to hang out with mommy and daddy ever again! hehe. so after dinner, they went back to the vulcan where they climbed up all the stairs and saw the gorgeous view of the city lit up at night. once they were at the the very top, tita karmie said that the mabster screamed, "it's windy and cold!!" below is a picture that displays her reaction. so funny.lastly, after a viewing of the vulcan for a second time, they did a little shopping at target where the mabster got to pick out 2 things from the dollar bins. she chose a new pair of st. patty's hello kitty socks and some lip gloss. shortly after, they headed home. so here's a quick review of their day (quite possibly out of order): b'ham museum of art, to a movie, to the vulcan, to full moon bbq, back to the vulcan for a night time visual, to target, and finally home. needless to say, the mabster was passed out on tita karmie's shoulder as she walked through the door. i had to snap a quick pic of which woke her up, but i couldn't resist. in my mind, every 3-year-old needs a tita karmie. i know my kid will never forget days like this in the city we call home. thank you, tita karmie. we love you like cuh-razy!! xoxo

Saturday, February 27, 2010

PKP 25th Anniversary banquet

saturday night, jay and i attended his college fraternity's 25th anniversary banquet at the HUC around 6:30pm. it was fun walking around on campus again as we reminisced over certain areas and how much they have changed, yet oddly enough still look the same. as soon as we arrived, we started mingling with everyone. ya know, fraternizing it up. the guys head to the drinks while the girls form a circle and start talking. between things like this, weddings, baby showers, and everything in between, it's really nice seeing everyone practically every weekend. here are some pics...after socializing and looking through the old scrapbooks and awards, we all sit down for dinner. once dinner was winding down, mcleod came up to the podium and the speeches began. he made us aware of how the current pi kapps are doing within the chapter. he announced that they are running more than half of the SGA, won highest GPA (even against the sororities...which was a complete shocker because usually the AOIIs *always* win that award...not to toot my horn or anything), and is dominating on campus. philanthropy is still a big deal with these boys, as well as partying. no surprise there.

towards the end, we got to listen to the founding fathers talk about their beginnings in brotherhood and how they came about bringing the "epsilon phi" chapter to UAB 25 years ago. it was nice hearing their own experiences as some of the brothers provided hilarious commentary of their own. in the second picture you will see some guys standing up while the room is applauding...those are the founding fathers. pretty neat-o, eh? overall, it was a great night. my favorite toast and applause was made to the wives for sticking around and supporting them in their debauchery all those years. that little acknowledgement felt nice, and i've got to admit, it definitely paid off. i love those damn pi kapps.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

sumo's es numero uno

thursday night, i met up with the girls for a mom's night out at sumo's japanese steakhouse. it felt so good to get out of the house for a bit for some girl time and chatter. we talked and talked. and talked some more. the sushi, scallops, and reisling were perfect, and it was all around a great night. lastly, here is what my fortune cookie read: "Traveling to the south will bring you unexpected happiness." in bed. :D

thursday's thirteen

1.) creativity: it's what happens when groceries start running low.

2.) so my mom called me the other day to chat about this, that, and the other. during our conversation, she told me little tid bits of what happened and things that were said from my girls during this past weekend. as i listened, i couldn't help but laugh with her and slightly feel that what i was doing as a mother was somewhat soaking in to their small growing compassion for others. here are some examples via the mouth of lola...

3.) example #1: the mabster asks lola for some ice cream. they (the toshy and cousin carson included) all head to the refrigerator. as lola is putting it in a cone for them, the toshy starts stomping her feet and squeezing her hands out. (i know this dance well. it's the "gimme gimme" dance that she uses when she can't seem to find the words to express yet.) obviously, big sis knows this dance well too because she proceeds to tell lola, "make one for lyla and carson first. i will take mine last." **SIGH** and just like that, i feel like a small motherhood accomplishment was made. good girl, mabster.

4.) example #2: not exactly sure how this came about, but while lola was doing something, the mabster was laying on the couch. as lola was talking to her, the mabster says, "i'm just grumpy, lola. i don't want to talk. i'm just grumpy." my mom knows me...she knows that these are my words. i found it hilarious because no denying, those ARE my words. most days, i'd love to put myself in a time out. now this can be taken 2 ways: accomplishment- honesty. failure- lack of patience and communication. oh hell, i'll take the fail and say i broke even. it could have been much worse, i suppose.

5.) "if you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to be a horrible warning." - catherine king

6.) this weekend, jay and i will be celebrating the Pi Kappa Phi (Epsilon Phi)'s 25th Anniversary for the alumni. dinner and drinks will be served, and it will be located where we use to attend chapter in the Great Hall on UAB's campus. it's going to be oddly fun to see everyone in that atmosphere again. words cannot express how excited i am about this. LURVES me some fratastic pi kapps. chivalry never died with those southern gentlemen.

7.) i find it ridiculously hilariously cute that the short one's new favorite word is "MINE!" and so it begins...

8.) tonight is our moms group's monthly MNO (mom's night out) where we will be meeting up for some chatter, dinner, and drinks. i have been itching for this for some time now. sushi with good friends, here i come!!

9.) "life is partly what we make it, and partly what is made by the friends whom we choose." ~ tehyi hsieh

10.) the oldest can give a mean guilt trip, i tell ya. so last weekend when jay dropped off the girls at my mom's house, he accidentally forgot to leave a car seat just in case. tita karmie arrived at my mom and dad's house wanting to surprise the mabster and take her to the "chinese new year" celebration at boutwell on saturday. unfortunately, since no car seat was left, she could not attend. long story short, on the car ride home from picking the girls up late sunday, the mabster tells us, "you know, tita karmie was going to take me to see flags and kites at the chinese new year, but ya'll didn't leave my car seat..." we started apologizing profusely. nice work, tita karmie.

11.) the other day, lil lyla smelled like scooby snacks. it made me want to nibble on her. but alas, i had to remember that in the words of yo gabba gabba, "don't bite your friends." which i'm sure "kids" apply to that song too. tempted? ever so slightly.

12.) confession: i let my munchkins eat a whole basket of strawberries for lunch yesterday. the fruit section of the food pyramid told me that it was okay.

and lastly,

13.) admittedly, i love when a hubby comes to watch his little girl's dance class. it goes a little something like this: he takes a seat with us moms in a small closed-in corner and listens to us talk about giving birth & the such. no sooner than 5 minutes in, he quickly leaves. sucka!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

wordless wednesday

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

pawpaw's portrait

this past weekend while we were out of town, lola and pawpaw (along with mamaw) watched our girls and cousin carson. during their stay, the mabster colored many different pictures. but the one picture that she drew which melted the heart of my dad's (aka her pawpaw) was the portrait of him.

as soon as we picked them up, it was all they talked about. he loved it. reason being? pawpaw got a kick out of the scruffy hair that the mabster added on to the bottom of his chin in the picture. i believe he really appreciated the fact that the mabster took note of such a specific trait of her own pawpaw and felt that the picture wasn't complete without it. oh to see through the eyes of a child...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

let the good times roll...

before the the girls and guys split off for the bachelor/ette parties, we all met up for dinner reservations at the Hard Rock Cafe casino at 8:00pm. this is where we celebrated leo's 30th birthday with a cookie cake at the end of the meal. the birthday boy got called out by the waitress in front of the whole restaurant as he blew out his candles. shortly after, the bachelorette threw back a "blow job" shot as all attention was on her. as soon as she took it down, the waiter screamed, "she's a spitter!" in all honesty, i was embarrassed for her. if anyone knows sue, you will know that she is very much indeed a quiet good girl. but she's also a trooper who knows how to have fun regardless. go sue-sue!! here are some pics throughout the night...after dinner, the guys go their way for leo's bachelor party while the girls lead out in our own separate way with the bachelorette sue. the guys headed straight over to the beau rivage for some gambling and free drinks at the casino. this is the only pic i got of them since no picture-taking is allowed within the casino. let me just say, i could hardly contain off we go...the girls start club jumpin' within the different casinos and ended up at the beau at the end of the night as well. we danced and laughed and listened to some great music. later, we hit up some slot machines and the craps table. karla maria won $8 after cashing out due to my stern screams to quit while she was ahead. it was hilarious. i on the other hand was a big ballin' moneymaker who cashed out with $0.13. oh yes, i did. that's okay though because what i lack in, jay excels. we balance each other out like that. that's how it works, yo. thankfully, hubs won $469 at the no limit poker table, and we walked out of that place as winners. here are some pics...later into the wee hours of the morning, jay and i found each other as we laughed and celebrated our winnings. we ended up at the slot machines for one last go round. admittedly, i did take a quick pic of some of us while inside the casino. no worries though, i took it super fast followed up by comments stating, "there's nothing to see here, nothing to see here..." overall, it was a great weekend in biloxi. a girl can get use to these little weekends/mini-vacays away, ya know. can't wait for the wedding, sue and leo!
"The less routine the more life." ~ Amos Bronson Alcott

Saturday, February 20, 2010

biloxi weekend

saturday morning, jay and i headed down to biloxi in honor of sue and leo's bachelorette/bachelor parties which also included celebrating leo's 30th birthday. we arrived some time around 2:30pm after stopping to eat lunch at Bates House of Turkey where their motto is "eat turkey, feel perky." umm, they had me at hello. their sandwiches were delicious. the drive really did seem to fly by thanks to a relaxing playlist of good tunes, as well as jay being a goober and singing every slow song to the T-Pain app on his phone. it was hilarious. will post later if i know how to upload it. i digress.

so we arrived at the Beau Rivage casino, check in, and get settled. i don't know what it is, but i absolutely LOVE staying in hotels. it makes me so giddy no matter what the place looks like. we walk into our room and check out the view. i hammed it up with a pic on the bed, and then noticed the telephone beside the toilet. JACKPOT! jay makes a silly pose and that was the first and last time we ever touched the thing. hehe. here are some pics...this was my first time ever in biloxi so of course, i was the tourist who took pictures like it was going out of style. luckily, i wasn't the only one. i have come to learn that if you offer to take a picture of a couple or family, they will gladly reciprocate the gesture and take one for us. score. the beau was really gorgeous both inside and out, not to mention the weather was fan-freakin-tastic. after unpacking and the such, we decided to go walking around within the casino. i lurves to go exploring in unfamiliar territory. after looking at all of the little shops, eateries, and casino tables, we head outside. the pool and jacuzzi that overlooked the ocean were open, and surprisingly a lot of people took a dip in the hot tub. the weather was so gorgeous that now i am *really* itching for spring/summer to get here.later we walked back up, and i snapped a quick pic of the sunset from our room. we bummed around some more and then start getting ready for dinner. how beautiful is this sunset? le sigh.