Saturday, February 13, 2010

blazer basketball

saturday night, tita karla and uncle tre teamed up with lola and pawpaw as they watched the girls for us. reason being because saturday was jay and i's date night in honor of valentine's day. they decided to take the girls to the UAB basketball game at the bartow arena. the blazers played marshall and ended up losing 81-74. everyone said that the girls had a great time and surprisingly lasted throughout the entire game. impressive considering the toshy skipped her nap that day. lastly, thank you guys SOO much for watching our girls for us. they love you guys!


Karla said...

We enjoyed watching the girls! Carson gets SO excited when he knows he gets to play with cousin Abby and Lyla!

Kim said...

oh, abby ADORES him!!! lyla too of course! :o)