Friday, February 12, 2010

blizzard 2010!!

once we got home from playing with friends, daddy got off work early and brought us home some yummy southern food for lunch. we ate and then enjoyed playing out in the snow yet again while the toshy took her afternoon nap. the snow continued to fall and fall. it was simply beautiful and everything turned out to be a winter wonderland. daddy took the mabster sledding down our front yard, and then later, he tried to beam me with snowballs as i laughed at his failed attempts. the mabster made her own snow angel and then later helped our neighbors make a big snowman. i really do love our neighborhood. it's so utterly kid-friendly that it seems like every yard on our block had a huge snowman built and displayed in it's own certain fashion. overall, we really enjoyed spending the snow day by playing as a family. hooray for blizzard 2010!! :D