Monday, February 15, 2010

blue belt celebratory beating

before i begin let me state that to this day, i still don't understand why men are such burly beasts. as long as i have known jay, i have witnessed many ritualistic initiations. you know the whole "rite of passage" every young man endures for the sake of bearing another title or being de-virginized by a certain endeavor.

for example, i was there to witness, shake my head, and cup my mouth as i watched his fraternity brothers paddle the stew out of his rear end the night he turned 21. i was there when he shot his first deer, and my dad smothered his face with it's blood. and now as of this past weekend, he had the pleasure of being whipped by his fellow jiu jitsu buddies after donning his achieved blue belt.

i gotta say these manly rituals are crazy to me. can a pat on the back not simply suffice after a triumphant victory? i guess not. but then again, what do i know? i have a vagina. and in all honesty, i have never been more thankful. but this is not about me. no ma'am. this one is about the eccentric man i married and another one of his hobbies that will most likely send me to an early grave. here are some pics of when he wore his blue belt for the very first time.all in all, whatever the test of courage or trial by fire entails, i'm proud of him and what makes him happy. if this is yet another addiction he has to master, then so be it. looks like i'll be on the side lines to take pictures as usual. props to you, jay. you know blue IS my favorite color...


Elizabeth said...

I am convinced that men never really develop mentally past the age of 12 and they have never really become civilized. If it weren't for women, this planet would just be one big "Lord of the Flies" situation.

Kim said...

bwah, hahaha!!! i LOVE it, ellie! SO.TRUE.