Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the pooping penguin

today tita karmie came over for a surprise last minute visit. if she were any other person, i'd most likely be annoyed by these. ya know, the whole running around frantically searching for pants and if you're *really* lucky, i may even put my bra on. eh, who am i kidding? that's just wishful thinking. i grab a jacket instead. i'm mean c'mon, it's tita karmie. the definition of looking "decent" has been completely thrown out the window years ago. in fact, i don't even believe it ever existed. that's how sisters roll. this would apply to karla maria just the same. hell, even auntie jess when she stays with us. okay. maybe i'm revealing a bit too much here...

anywho, tita karmie came over and pretty much kidnapped the mabster so that they could eat lunch together at shoney's (which means inhale strawberries and lots of ice cream. maybe some sweet potatoes too). after they ate lunch they headed over to our local books-a-million where tita karmie read her many books and bought the mabster a surprise. surprise = book? nope. instead, it was a waddling penguin that pooped candy. go ahead. re-read that last sentence if need be. it's true. they sell stuff like that. at a bookstore nonetheless.

they came home and the mabster climbed up the stairs with a grin from ear to ear. she wanted to show me her surprise. tita karmie opened it, loaded it up, and wounded up the penguin's side. there it went....right before my innocent eyes...pooping candy as my kid laughed her head off while the youngest chased down the little pellets and shoved them in her mouth.

and there you have it. no toy or surprise we ever give our girls can compete to the pooping penguin. it's candy. it allows her to say the word "poop" and laugh hysterically. it's brilliant. damn. if only i could have bought it for my kid first.


Karla said...


*Yankee Belle* said...

I had a cow that sat on my desk when I worked. It pooped jelly bellys. Yummy poop.

Anonymous said...

kim, i just want you to know that youre not alone in the "free swinging" while at home....i cant stand when the bug man or the mail lady comes to the door because then i have to find something to put on to answer the door... i try to keep my robe handy but sometimes it is not.... then i have to answer the door with my arms crossed and hope they didnt notice...hehehe!

oh and ty had a pooping moose...it brought much laughter to him as well.... also do you know they make a barbie that comes with a dog that also poops?? we have it and its too funny! the things they come up with!


Anonymous said...

there's a pooping polar bear and his feces are appropriately large. they're brown and gray (i guess seal-colored) jelly beans. they're on clearance at bam.

Kim said...

who knew this post would get so many funny comments!? looks like no one is ever too old to discuss the importance of poop.