Sunday, February 28, 2010

a day of play with tita karmie

today tita karmie came over to pick up the mabster for some one-on-one fun. their first excursion was to the alabama art museum. in all honesty, i'm really glad that tita karmie enjoys taking her there because i never really think to. i guess i'm just scared that my kid won't be quiet enough or will break something valuable (that'd be my luck). needless to say, tita karmie said that the mabster was a good girl and enjoyed playing in the kid's section with the indians. she played with the clay bowls, shook the turtle shell rattle, and went exploring throughout the museum. also, tita karmie got some super cute pictures, including one of the mabster acting like a sculpture with one hand on her hip and an arm behind her. too cute.later they headed outside where the mabster played hide and go seek in the clouds arrangement. the first pic is of my sweet child hiding while the second one displays when tita karmie found her. surprise! it was a beautiful day to go outside and play. here are some pics...after they were done playing around at the art museum, tita karmie took the mabster to watch the "princess and the frog" movie at the dollar theater. they ate popcorn and the mabster was allowed to pick out some candy of which she chose a box of jelly bellies. after the movie, they headed to the vulcan park and museum. this is where tita karmie showed her the gorgeous view of our magic city and where vulcan lives. she told her that vulcan sits on top of the mountain watching over birmingham and scaring away any bad monsters with his spear. the mabster loved the whole idea of that. here are some pics. my favorite is the one of her imitating the cast iron statue.throughout all of their adventures, the mabster told karmie that she was hungry. tita karmie asked her where did she want to eat, and she responded with, "full moon bar-b-que." i thought that was pretty funny. so that's exactly where they went. talk about spoiling my kid for the day...she'll never want to hang out with mommy and daddy ever again! hehe. so after dinner, they went back to the vulcan where they climbed up all the stairs and saw the gorgeous view of the city lit up at night. once they were at the the very top, tita karmie said that the mabster screamed, "it's windy and cold!!" below is a picture that displays her reaction. so funny.lastly, after a viewing of the vulcan for a second time, they did a little shopping at target where the mabster got to pick out 2 things from the dollar bins. she chose a new pair of st. patty's hello kitty socks and some lip gloss. shortly after, they headed home. so here's a quick review of their day (quite possibly out of order): b'ham museum of art, to a movie, to the vulcan, to full moon bbq, back to the vulcan for a night time visual, to target, and finally home. needless to say, the mabster was passed out on tita karmie's shoulder as she walked through the door. i had to snap a quick pic of which woke her up, but i couldn't resist. in my mind, every 3-year-old needs a tita karmie. i know my kid will never forget days like this in the city we call home. thank you, tita karmie. we love you like cuh-razy!! xoxo


Karla said...

Awwwwe, what FUN!! Tre and I want to take Carson to BMA and Vulcan next weekend! Looks like goodtimes ~ good job, Tita Karmie!

Anonymous said...

when carse is old enough i'll take him, too.

Jenny G said...

I wish I had a Tita Karmie!

Anonymous said...

is tita karmie for rent? shes AWESOME!!!