Tuesday, February 2, 2010

happy 29th birthday, hubster!

tonight, we celebrated jay's birthday over a family dinner at the nan's house. everyone arrived around 6:00pm, and the menu consisted of salad, garlic bread, and spaghetti & meatballs. it was delicious. nan left me in charge of the dessert per the birthday boy's request so when asked what he wanted, i already knew that it would be a cookie cake from the great american cookies company. he LOVES those things, and usually the only time we ever eat one is for a very special occasion. tonight met said requirements, and everyone really enjoyed it. after dinner, we all sang happy birthday and watched as the mabster helped daddy blow out his candles. of course must we never forget, here are the traditional "birthday fingers" picture...after dinner and dessert, everyone chatted and let the munchkins play all throughout the house. papa john scooped up the toshy for some tickles and lots of laughs. also at one point, i sat cousin hudson on my lap only for the toshy to get a tad bit jealous as she claimed the other knee. lastly, the mabster gave hugs to nana lin as she quietly rocked her and hummed to her. the poor girl was so utterly exhausted after going nonstop all day that she found complete comfort by just being held. talk about milking it. i swear she could have fallen asleep on her nana lin right then and there. overall, it was a great night spent with family in honor of jay's birthday!