Saturday, February 13, 2010

"i gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night..."

go ahead, finish singing it. you know you want to. anywho, tonight jay and i met up with some friends for a nice romantic dinner at Brio's around 5:00pm. we arrived, sat down with some mojitos, and enjoyed the best dinner i've had in a long time. we all laughed and people watched as we judged and commented on the younger couples celebrating their valentine's day. the commentary was impeccable. here are some pics of us after dinner. we were pretty pumped up and ready to head to the Black Eyed Peas concert...once we arrive at the BJCC, we grab some drinks and find our seats. LMFAO and Ludacris opened up for them, and admittedly, luda did a good job of getting the crowd pumped up. i think everyone jumped to their feet when he busted out with, "stand up! when I move you move...just like that..." also, a quick observation i noticed were the amount of 8-year-olds with their moms at this concert. wearing matching animal prints no less. rowr. another observation? YB rocked some mean fist pumping with the glowsticks i brought. oh yes. yes, i did. here are some pics...soon after, the BEP take the stage and the fergie ferg herself is rockin' out. that woman can put on a show, no doubt. i still can't believe that this was the BEP's first appearance in the salty ham after being together for 11 years. history in the making, i tell ya. so we all danced and danced, screamed and yelled. i knocked around the hubs with my humps, my humps, my little lady lumps, and everyone was having a grand ole time. they played all my favorites including some old school ones, and of course, their encore ended with "i got a feeling." toss in serious quantities of confetti and the night was nothing short of stellar. SO glad we got to experience this concert with the hubs for valentine's weekend and with some super fun friends. it was a buffoonery!!


Anonymous said...

AWESOME!! I so wanted to go to this concert but believe it or not when i asked ericka if she wanted to go she turned her nose up at the idea....i was confused because she has just about every one of thier songs on her ipod...go figure!

any who looks like you guys had an awesome time!


Kim said...

awww, ya'll would have both really enjoyed it! but just a warning, there was LOTS of cursing from luda before the BEP opened...maybe that will make you feel a little better that ya'll didn't go?