Saturday, February 6, 2010

jiu jitsu seminar

saturday morning, jay attended a jiu jitsu seminar in trussville. (rewind) we stayed up super late watching movies downstairs (oh say till about 2:00am) the night before since he thought the seminar would be more watching and light rolling at the most. the seminar started at 10:00am and was suppose to end at 1:00pm, however jay walked through the door some time around 3:00pm. he was exhausted, but OH.SO.UTTERLY.DAMN.HAPPY. why? because what he didn't know was that after the seminar, he'd be challenged and then later promoted to his BLUE BELT by Chris Moriarty who is a black belt and trains at Alliance in atlanta.

believe me guys, he was stoked. i've never seen a hobby make jay this happy before. the man has committed and dedicated himself more to this one pastime than any one that he has ever attempted before. looks like all his hard work is paying off, and he's been smiling ever since. what a dork. i love it. kudos to you, my dork. you make me proud. :) here are some pics...