Friday, February 5, 2010

old school

friday night, i met up with my sisters at the St. Barnabas' International Food Fair. we were really excited about attending this function considering this is where we went to grammar school. speaking for myself, i haven't walked through those gymnasium doors in over practically 15 years. it was awesome. we sampled culinary delights from Spain, Sweden, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Japan, Gibraltar, Australia, and the good old USA. also, live entertainment was provided on the newly renovated stage, and we ran into some old friends who still attend church there. everything was wonderful, especially the variety of food. here are some pics...after we stuffed our faces and waved the white flag due to full bellies, we got adventurous and decided to go exploring throughout our old upstairs classrooms. take a gander at the pictures of the fetal developmental stages that were plastered in the stairwell. if that doesn't scream "birth control," i don't know what will. so all of the classroom doors were locked EXCEPT for the science lab. shibbbyy!! the term ecstatic was an understatement. of course, we do what we do best and start hamming up some posed pictures. in the last one, karmie is reading through a science lab book while i am focused on looking through the microscope, and karla is proudly holding up a beaker of some sort. keepin' it real, old school style. SBS, go, fight, win! GOOO RAIDERS!!