Saturday, February 27, 2010

PKP 25th Anniversary banquet

saturday night, jay and i attended his college fraternity's 25th anniversary banquet at the HUC around 6:30pm. it was fun walking around on campus again as we reminisced over certain areas and how much they have changed, yet oddly enough still look the same. as soon as we arrived, we started mingling with everyone. ya know, fraternizing it up. the guys head to the drinks while the girls form a circle and start talking. between things like this, weddings, baby showers, and everything in between, it's really nice seeing everyone practically every weekend. here are some pics...after socializing and looking through the old scrapbooks and awards, we all sit down for dinner. once dinner was winding down, mcleod came up to the podium and the speeches began. he made us aware of how the current pi kapps are doing within the chapter. he announced that they are running more than half of the SGA, won highest GPA (even against the sororities...which was a complete shocker because usually the AOIIs *always* win that award...not to toot my horn or anything), and is dominating on campus. philanthropy is still a big deal with these boys, as well as partying. no surprise there.

towards the end, we got to listen to the founding fathers talk about their beginnings in brotherhood and how they came about bringing the "epsilon phi" chapter to UAB 25 years ago. it was nice hearing their own experiences as some of the brothers provided hilarious commentary of their own. in the second picture you will see some guys standing up while the room is applauding...those are the founding fathers. pretty neat-o, eh? overall, it was a great night. my favorite toast and applause was made to the wives for sticking around and supporting them in their debauchery all those years. that little acknowledgement felt nice, and i've got to admit, it definitely paid off. i love those damn pi kapps.