Sunday, February 7, 2010

super bowl sunday

this year the new orleans saints played the indianapolis colts on super bowl sunday 2010. we decided to host a little super bowl get together with some close friends, and hubs turned into a fierce grilling machine. he cooked ribs, wings, hamburgers, hot dogs, and sausages, oh my! everyone else brought a side dish to share and great attitudes.

so romen (keri's hubby) is a fitness trainer who owns and operates bootcamps. he asked me if he could take a picture of our food set up because he wanted to write a review of some sort to show his readers what a super bowl party's menu should consist of. the healthy components of course. so i took a picture of him holding his plate filled with meat and vegetables. even took a picture of the spread. but don't let the pics fool you. what you're not seeing is the other side of the kitchen counter which consisted of ooey gooey brownies, numerous kinds of chips and dip, and mac-n-cheese. hehehe.everyone kicks off their shoes, fixes their plates, and gets settled in. we let the kids play throughout the house while the moms nestled upstairs and the guys dwelt in the man cave. admittedly, i believe i tried to focus more of my attention on the commercials than the actual game. two of my favorites were the Bud Light/T-Pain commercial and the Doritos one. here are some random pics taken throughout the night...okay. so before i go any further, i must reveal the two happenings of the night that made everything so crazily eventful, thus raising my blood pressure i'm sure. first off, the kiddos were kept mostly upstairs the whole time, however, the only thing that separated them from the man cave was a baby gate placed in front of the stairs. more often than not, you could hear a kid screaming down for daddy and said daddy would come get them. well picture if you will...the toshy, carson, and i standing at the top of the stairs when next thing we know, the gate falls along with the 2 kids. luckily, i grab them by their ankles and what could have been some scary stair races turned into some fuh-reaked out screaming mommies (aka karla maria and i). fortunately, the guys were already half way up the stairs during it all, and everyone was okay other than my heart rate. i swear i have never moved that fast. our nervous/relieved laughter quickly filled the whole house.

secondly, no sooner than 10 minutes later, karla maria decides to make the munchkins some popcorn. not sure if it was a bad bag of popcorn or the fact that no one was really watching it, when all of a sudden clouds of smoke are oozing out of the microwave. tre is frantically searching for the fire extinguisher while i'm opening up doors to let the fumes out. i never saw a fire, but apparently the popcorn burned a hole in the bag. now our whole house is marinating in the residual smell of burnt popcorn. again. nervous/relieved laughter filled the entire house. overall, this was the most eventful super bowl party ever. luckily, the house did not burn down & all kids are alive. now *THIS* is what makes memories. thank gawd we all have a sense of humor.