Thursday, February 4, 2010

thursday's thirteen

1.) friday is our monthly bunco rendezvous, and i'm ready to get my roll on, britches! then saturday, we'll be going to sue and leo's bridal party/dinner with our college friends. good times, good times.

2.) the tosh chases a vacuum cleaner like a dog to a chevy. it's pretty comical.

3.) reason #537 why i heart g'dale: milli vanilli's "girl, i'm gonna miss you" is on the playlist at my local grocery store.

4.) the whole "doppleganger" thing on facebook this week had me quite entertained...i look at some and see it while others make me say out loud "WTF? someone lied to you." hehehe.

5.) tonight, tita karla is coming over to watch the girls while jay and i enjoy a hawt date night. i get to choose the restaurant while jay chooses the movie after wards. i don't even know what we'll be seeing. i just want to sit quietly beside him without the midgets climbing all over me. that thought alone (in the words of ni hao kai lan) makes my heart feel "super happy."

6.) "good friends are good for your health." ~ irwin sarason

7.) saturday morning, jay is attending a jiu jitsu seminar for a few hours. last night, he came home after practice and reported back to me that some guy got his face kicked in and had to be rushed to the ER for stitches. well isn't that lovely? hopefully, this hobby won't ruin my man's pretty face. as for cauliflower ear...he's already growing one of those. and this is his favorite hobby BECAUSE???? **wrinkled forehead, raised brow**

8.) out of the mouth of babes - the mabster: mommy, can i say "oh my gosh?" me: sure. the mabster: what about "holy hell?" me: um, definitely not. especially at school. ruh roh. i can hear the clanking of the nuns' rulers already. tsk, tsk.

9.) our favorite tv show has started back up this week for it's final season. LOST. it really does try to live up to it's name that's for sure. thankfully, jay kept having to update & explain things to me as we watched the show. never have i ever felt more like my mother than when i am watching that show. questions seems to ooze out of every orifice...the apple doesn't fall far from the tree now does it?

10.) RT @SarcasmSociety: Man: How do you like your eggs in the morning? - Woman: Unfertilized.

11.) sunday marks the super bowl which marks an obligatory super bowl themed party, right? but of course. so put your game day faces on and bring a side dish. we'll have the grill ready!

12.) looks like the damn overgrown squirrel saw it's shadow thus rendering us 6 more weeks of winter. how do i feel about that? i think punxsutawney phil needs to stick it in my juicebox and suck it. happy groundhog day!!

and lastly,

13.) within the moms group, we have become a support system for each other. for the past month or so, we have discovered that one of our members is facing a terrible battle with cancer. everyone is offering help in any way they can whether it be through helping out with laundry to bringing her and her family meals. this weekend i plan to bring them dinner, but wish i could do so much more. please continue to keep the S family in your thoughts and prayers. thank you.