Thursday, February 11, 2010

thursday's thirteen

1.) today the mabster is having her valentine's day party at her school. while at the store the other day, i let her pick out which valentines she wanted to hand out to her classmates. she chose tinkerbell paired with a sucker. my kid now believes that "Saint Valentine" is the patron saint of red heart-shaped lollipops. disney to be exact.

2.) revelation in simplicity: opening up the blinds, thus allowing natural light to shine in is the best prescription for a genuine feel good.

3.) on the way to gymnastics on tuesday, the youngest gagged on a pretzel thus yacking everywhere. deja vu, much? (side note: this is the 3rd time she's done this. bless her heart.) wanted: new car seat. unfortunately, i don't have $300 to blow out of sheer laziness so the whole seat has been stripped apart, hosed down, & washed repeatedly. all while dry-heaving myself. **vomit**

4.) an hour later after cleaning up said vomit, i desperately tried to find the ingredients for dinner. where was that damn pork tenderloin? i finally found the it hidden underneath the beer pyramid in our fridge. the day was looking up (insert sarcasm)! overall, drinking & cooking = not a good combination. i take that turned out to be a GREAT combination!!

5.) “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” -Winston Churchill

6.) this saturday, jay and i will going to the Black Eyed Peas concert with a group of friends. before the concert, we'll also be doing some fine dining since this packaged deal is our valentine's gift to each other. far better than chocolates i don't need, right?

7.) the other night, we endured copious amounts of late night laughter thanks to jay and the "i am T Pain" app on his iphone. get yours today. also, special thanks to tony for making the hubs aware of such hilarity and nonsense.

8.) as usual, we watched LOST on tuesday. the episode was somewhat aggravating...just more damn questions, yet no new answers. what gives? next week better be good. we've come too far to throw our hands up!

9.) due to the location, the mabster correlates daddy's office with the circus and pooping elephants. every time we pick him up for lunch, she screams, "we're at the circus!" not till next year, my sweet peach. nonetheless, pretty funny.

10.) friday morning, the girls and i will be attending a valentines playdate (weather permitting, of course) where the kids will be exchanging valentines again. i remember as a little girl, loving this holiday because something so simple as a card in a little bag really gave me the warm and fuzzies.

11.) parenting fail: noticing that the toshy needs her fingernails trimmed only AFTER she scratches herself. oops.

12.) the sweetest thing: falling asleep while cuddling with my girls. the not so much? early bedtimes are screwed.

and lastly,

13.) this was my last facebook status with a few accurately scary comments from friends: the oldest just saw a v'day commercial about jewelry and screamed, "i want diamonds!" and so it begins...

Kristen- LOL ;)
Calvin- Bahahahahaha. You guys are in for it now. :-)
Me- no doubt. those words hurt my ears. :D
Robin- That's too funny!
We do not go to the mall often, but every time we do...she asks to go in the "sparkle" store and try on "base-lets and rings!" Girls love things that sparkle!
Note to self: tell TB to stay the hell away from Kim's kid.
Amy- Well, I sure hope she gets some on Sunday! I knew she was a smart girl!
just teach her there are no conflict free diamonds...
Nancy- my kind of girl!
Elizabeth- Haha! Atta girl! Marry well, Abby, marry well...
Diamonds are a girls best friend.
Kimberly- I knew I liked her...
WOW, she's learning quick!! Daddy must get her some bling bling then :) And Momma too, hehe!!
Reda- you are keeping this somewhere else so you can have a book for her later?
aunt reda, i have a blog that i get printed out into books. that's where i write these things down at, and this one will definitely be making my "thursday's thirteen!"
Abby is ALL GIRL!! Love that kid.
Love it!
Love it!!!!
Her daddy is in trouble.. oh wait, that's me ... crap :)
Kitty- Jason needs to get shopping :-)


Elizabeth said...

3.) Ewww! For now, I only have to stand the smell of old formula spilled somewhere in my car.

7.) I'm really sad that you have only just discovered the T-Pain app. Hours o fun!

8.) My husband says the same thing about LOST. He says he's invested too much time to just stop watching.

13.) I love Jason's comment! Haha!! "Oh, crap, that's me."