Thursday, February 18, 2010

thursday's thirteen

1.) the mabster has been trying to teach me how to snap my fingers all week. unfortunately, she lacks the knowing herself. "A" for effort my sweet peach.

2.) i would die if i lived up north. it's our 3rd time for snow this year, and i'm already done. absolutely "stick a fork in me" done. 60 degrees is going to feel SOO nice this weekend.

3.) this morning my roots will be replenished with highlights. i'm talking about my hair here, people. thank you sweet baby jesus because they need it bad. i've sported the ponytail a bit too many times this week. it's go time. mommy needs a freshy 'do. stat.

4.) self-sacrificing: a man who takes one kid out to breakfast after taking the other to school all while my need to feel pretty is being tended to. yes, i am aware that i am spoiled. and yes, i am aware that i will have to earn this.

5.) late last night while watching the winter olympics, i saw a luger almost lose a leg. tv off. can't seem to make myself watch that certain sport any longer, especially after seeing and hearing the video of the one who died before the opening ceremony. so disgustingly tragic. so sad.

6.) “A mother understands what a child does not say.” -Jewish proverb

7.) the girls and i celebrated fat tuesday at a mexican joint. i believe that is what dora & diego would have wanted of us. cajun shrimp tacos, perhaps?

8.) this weekend, the hubs and i are off to biloxi for a kidless weekend filled with lots of laughs and college friends. reason being is to celebrate sue and leo's bachelor/bachelorette party, as well as, leo's "dirty 30" birthday. i'm real excited about this even though i'm not a huge gambler. penny slots, here i come!!

9.) febreeze is the bee's knees, indeed. #poetanddidntknowit

10.) (please note that what you are about to read is being said in a jokingly manner and in no way meant to be derogatory towards by own faith. i love being catholic. we have a sense of humor. and so it goes...) yesterday was ash wednesday which marked the beginning of the Lent season. speaking as a catholic myself, i plan to give up my virginity. i know what you're thinking, but your wrong. my kids are a product through immaculate conception. **welp** i know, i know...Mary is disappointed in me and now i have catholic guilt from my catholic humor. but that's okay because i know my God loves me for me. peace be with you. and i'm really giving up chocolate. so please pray for me.

11.) "Your parents should have kept the bathwater." -Sarcasm Society

12.) the toshy had a cold last week that has now turned into a double ear infection. i took her to the doc yesterday and came home with 2 stickers, 2 suckers, and a prescription that delivered 2 more suckers. the little lady did more happy dances in her car seat than i have ever seen. thankfully, she is in good spirits that you would otherwise have no idea of infection. she rolls with the punches that fearless one.

and lastly,

13.) earlier this week, i saw a t-shirt on a big boy that read: "i can't wait until tomorrow because i get better looking every day." brilliant.


Jenny G said...

I love your catholic humor!

Kim said...

thanks, jenny! :o)