Thursday, February 25, 2010

thursday's thirteen

1.) creativity: it's what happens when groceries start running low.

2.) so my mom called me the other day to chat about this, that, and the other. during our conversation, she told me little tid bits of what happened and things that were said from my girls during this past weekend. as i listened, i couldn't help but laugh with her and slightly feel that what i was doing as a mother was somewhat soaking in to their small growing compassion for others. here are some examples via the mouth of lola...

3.) example #1: the mabster asks lola for some ice cream. they (the toshy and cousin carson included) all head to the refrigerator. as lola is putting it in a cone for them, the toshy starts stomping her feet and squeezing her hands out. (i know this dance well. it's the "gimme gimme" dance that she uses when she can't seem to find the words to express yet.) obviously, big sis knows this dance well too because she proceeds to tell lola, "make one for lyla and carson first. i will take mine last." **SIGH** and just like that, i feel like a small motherhood accomplishment was made. good girl, mabster.

4.) example #2: not exactly sure how this came about, but while lola was doing something, the mabster was laying on the couch. as lola was talking to her, the mabster says, "i'm just grumpy, lola. i don't want to talk. i'm just grumpy." my mom knows me...she knows that these are my words. i found it hilarious because no denying, those ARE my words. most days, i'd love to put myself in a time out. now this can be taken 2 ways: accomplishment- honesty. failure- lack of patience and communication. oh hell, i'll take the fail and say i broke even. it could have been much worse, i suppose.

5.) "if you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to be a horrible warning." - catherine king

6.) this weekend, jay and i will be celebrating the Pi Kappa Phi (Epsilon Phi)'s 25th Anniversary for the alumni. dinner and drinks will be served, and it will be located where we use to attend chapter in the Great Hall on UAB's campus. it's going to be oddly fun to see everyone in that atmosphere again. words cannot express how excited i am about this. LURVES me some fratastic pi kapps. chivalry never died with those southern gentlemen.

7.) i find it ridiculously hilariously cute that the short one's new favorite word is "MINE!" and so it begins...

8.) tonight is our moms group's monthly MNO (mom's night out) where we will be meeting up for some chatter, dinner, and drinks. i have been itching for this for some time now. sushi with good friends, here i come!!

9.) "life is partly what we make it, and partly what is made by the friends whom we choose." ~ tehyi hsieh

10.) the oldest can give a mean guilt trip, i tell ya. so last weekend when jay dropped off the girls at my mom's house, he accidentally forgot to leave a car seat just in case. tita karmie arrived at my mom and dad's house wanting to surprise the mabster and take her to the "chinese new year" celebration at boutwell on saturday. unfortunately, since no car seat was left, she could not attend. long story short, on the car ride home from picking the girls up late sunday, the mabster tells us, "you know, tita karmie was going to take me to see flags and kites at the chinese new year, but ya'll didn't leave my car seat..." we started apologizing profusely. nice work, tita karmie.

11.) the other day, lil lyla smelled like scooby snacks. it made me want to nibble on her. but alas, i had to remember that in the words of yo gabba gabba, "don't bite your friends." which i'm sure "kids" apply to that song too. tempted? ever so slightly.

12.) confession: i let my munchkins eat a whole basket of strawberries for lunch yesterday. the fruit section of the food pyramid told me that it was okay.

and lastly,

13.) admittedly, i love when a hubby comes to watch his little girl's dance class. it goes a little something like this: he takes a seat with us moms in a small closed-in corner and listens to us talk about giving birth & the such. no sooner than 5 minutes in, he quickly leaves. sucka!