Friday, February 12, 2010

valentines adventure

today, there was a valentine themed playgroup scheduled on the calendar, but due to sicknesses, it had to be canceled. we were all pretty bummed until at the last minute, my neighboring triwinkie decided to have just a few people over. it was perfect considering the weather forecast called for snow and we would technically still be in our neck of the woods so to speak. therefore, driving one exit over was no big deal. here are some pics...during this time, the snow starts coming down hard. it's absolutely gorgeous outside and continued for hours. at one point, i jokingly compared it to being "the blizzard of 2010." so we get the girls all bundled up and let them go outside to play in it. they were so stinkin' cute just watching from the back porch. the mabster looked like lady gaga meets a bum, and she enjoyed picking up the snow with her mittens and licking it. ewww. at least it wasn't yellow. big B immediately dropped to the floor and started making a snow angel while all the other girls giggled and ran around her. and yes, my kid is in a tutu. she refused to let me take it off of her. obviously, i didn't argue with the woman. figured another layer wouldn't hurt.back inside, the younger ones are playing with all the toys and sucking on lollipops. at the end of the day, we all passed out valentines in each kiddo's baggy. both the mabster and the toshy really enjoyed looking through all the valentines given by their friends. i love the little things like that. lastly, yankee belle surprised me with my very own "twilight" sweethearts which of course was so deserving a picture. she spoils me. she really does. i heart that lady. happy valentine's day!!