Wednesday, March 31, 2010

wordless wednesday

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

sunny sunny day

so the weather is absolutely gorgeous. spring has finally sprung, and i swear we have been playing outside in it nonstop. today was no different. after lunch, we all decided to let the kids burn off more energy so we headed towards one of our local parks. this park is perfect for the toddlers, not to mention the mabster and big B loved it too. KB, happy feet, and the tosh climbed up the miniature playsets and slid down the slides. CJ walked around with his push toy on the sidewalk all while the mommies chatted and soaked up some vitamin D. overall, the midgets' favorite was the merry-go-round. you don't see many parks nowadays with one of these bad boys, do ya? nope. so when we run across one, it makes for some big fun. i use to love those things when i was a little girl. here are some pics...this last picture is my utmost favorite. it's the toshy with her boy toy. young love at it's finest...sharing and eating rocks. mmmm, delicious!

visit with the easter bunny...

today, we met up with our north side girls (holla!) and kids in order to visit and take pics with the big-headed bunny. so after the mabster and big B's dance class, we headed over to brookwood village around 11:15am where karla maria and keri were waiting for us. the rugrats were all dressed up cutely and excited. we walk up with absolutely no line, fill in our information, and shazam, the pics are snapped.

the girls did great although it displays how unsure the toshy was about him. she'd cut her eyes and look at his big ole melon of a head and just stare at it. i'm honestly surprised that the camera lady even got a shot of her headed looking forward. because seriously, she could not figure him out. so cute. i love that kid. that said, i think cousin carson's picture with the easter bunny is my absolute most favorite. according to his mommy, "Carson is so unpredictable. He was playing peek-a-boo and giggling with the Easter bunny earlier... and then I get THIS pic. Ha ha ha, kids are a riot! His senior yearbook better watch out!!" teeheehee. good stuff. here are the pics...after laughing at each other's pictures, we decided to sit down and eat lunch at the food court. every thing was going great until i sit down and realize that karla maria's gone. within seconds, YB screams and points, "oh my god, that little girl is choking!!" i jump up and run toward the crowd circled around her. KM said that throughout it all, one guy stands up and says, "i'm CPR certified, let me help!" (performs baby back blows) then another lady said, "i'm in nursing school, let me help!" (again performing baby back blows), and then KM says, "i'm a nurse, give her to me!" so they did. the poor little girl is about 6-7 years old, and now KM has started the appropriately correct heimlich maneuver. within seconds, she spits up a whole chicken nugget.

ya'll. i'm not gonna lie. after returning to our table and looking around at my kids, my nerves were shot. believe me, i'm not trying to knock the people who tried to help because in all honesty, it's a highly intense situation and given the moment even though you know the correct method, your brain is in panic mode. thankfully, nurse KM was there to stay cool, calm, and collected. because if it were my own kid, i'd most likely fuh-reak out with baby back blows too. i'm just sayin'. remember that bit of info, people. it'll save a life. someone cue in the fray lyrics. it deems fitting. here are pics of us pre-shocked from chain of events...

Monday, March 29, 2010

down memory lane...

a couple of weeks ago, LM's mommy emailed me this pic that she found of our two kids playing in the park. i do believe they were still only one year old in this pic. **sigh** they were sweet on each other. so sweet it was cavity inducing. thanks for the trip down memory lane, anne. we miss you guys!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

driving ms. BFFs

this blog entry has been taken from yankee belle's. i love it so much that i knew it had to be here on mine as well since i get these silly antics printed out into a book. and so it begins...

While driving Big B & the Mabster to gymnastics yesterday, Big B asked Mabster, "How did you get your hair so straight?"

Mabster replied: "I got a haircut."

Big B: "Another one?"

Mabster: "Yes."

Big B: "Did you get glitter?"

Mabster: "Not this time. It was too glittery."

Big B: "Yeah, the tattoo on the cheek was better."

Mabster: "Yeah, that was good."

Beauty tips and suggestions between 4 year olds. Classic.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

park family fun

after her soccer game, the mabster requested to go to the park. with a pretty please on top. since it was such a beautiful spring day, there's no way we'd say no. she's a girl who knows what she wants. here are some pics of the girls having some sisterly fun while at the park...

mabster's 1st soccer game!!

today was the mabster's very first soccer game for team snowstorm. kick off began at 8:30am, and we arrived 15 minutes early to get settled, stretch, and the such. the morning's high was 44 and i'd be lying if i didn't say that it was a bit nippy. so i bundle up the mabster with fleece pants under her shin guards and dunk her white jersey over her jacket. she's still shaking like a leaf so i take her hand and we run some laps around the field to get warmed up. it did the trick, and she was excited and ready to play. they all huddled up in the center of the field, said a quick pre-game prayer, and later got into position. the mabster started and played as a left forward. here are some pics...the cutest kid on the field is #10...and she's kick off begins and watching all of these munchkins chase after one ball was awesome entertainment for everyone. the sidelines were filled with parents cheering and laughing the team on. coach let the mabster kick a couple of goal kicks from the inside of the goal area in order to restart the game of play. it was so cute watching her as she ran and kicked it with a smile. just like her momma would in high school or in intramurals at's all about the fun, baby! also, there were times i wanted to scream, "man on" or "slide tackle," but i suppose yells of "kick it" and "run" will suffice. hehe. here are some pics that daddy captured of our sweet mess in was a beautiful day and started warming up nicely. lola and tita karmie came out to watch and cheer the mabster on as well. so far, team snowstorm was winning while the toshy kicked and played with her own ball on the sidelines throughout the game. daddy also took some pics of the mabster while taking a break and sitting on the grass. you know she's in good spirits when she pumps out the double peace signs. i love that kid. the game consisted of four 6 minute quarters which lasted about 30-45 minutes if you included the time-outs here and there. team snowstorm WON with a final score of 3 to 1. we couldn't have been more proud of the mabster's first game. so far she's seems to be enjoying herself. lastly, tita karmie surprised the mabster with her very own pink soccer shin guards and another cute accessory. plus, lola gave both of the girls a congratulatory lollipop (now her staple), and they loved it all. that said, the mabster surprised tita karmie with her very own leopard print snuggie since her roomate has the zebra print snuggie. we are one giving family, no? all in all, it was a great day of fun and new experiences. congrats on your first soccer game, mabster. we love you!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

thursday's thirteen

1.) while watching tv the other day, the show "the doctors" told me that sleeping in will make me skinny. well then. why the fack am i not skeletor!?! #ismellalie

2.) the toshy has started a new endeavor this week. what is it? she insists on climbing up the stairs all by herself. the stairs leading to the man cave. that's 19 steps. we've counted. at least 4 times a day. it undeniably takes a good 8 minutes to follow her closely up. miss independent, indeed.

3.) note to self: find a BB gun for woody the woodpecker who thinks it's fun to drill on my windows thus causing me to cringe in an unsightly fashion.

4.) as of late, the mabster's favorite word which she likes to include in every sentence is "sure." like a pretty pair of shoes, it goes with anything. it's kinda cute. here are some examples: "i sure do like this." "i sure am tired." "i sure want some marshmallows." so on and so forth...

5.) #LOST- BEST.EPISODE.YET. i was kinda shocked that they turned it into a biblical thing, but's getting gooooood!! finally. questions are being answered and the wheels in meh head are spinning...

6.) while at lunch the other day, the oldest said that she wants TWO daddies. needless to say, daddy didn't laugh. but mommy did. :D

7.) other than early morning soccer games (8:30am...who runs after balls that early!? :P), our weekends are really beginning to open up. which only means one thing...lake season is almost here. oh yes. it is the best.

8.) speaking of the mabster's soccer games, her uniform is white. that said, the coach allowed them to pick their own team name. the top three choices were: a.) the white tigers, b.) the polar bears, or c.) snow storm. all of these options were chosen by the kids, for the kids. they voted, and "snow storm" won by cheers and applause. sounds fierce, no? I.LUBS.IT.

9.) today while the oldest is at school, the toddler and i are meeting up with friends for a yummy lunch of sushi at maki fresh. BM doesn't eat sushi, but i've lured her in with promises of cooked chicken. i checked the menu. hope all ends well.

10.) tonight we have plans to take the girls to see the easter bunny and have their pics taken with him. i really can't believe that easter is already sneaking up on us. hopefully the big-headed rabbit won't scare the girls...

11.) ridiculously hilarious vs. absolutely disgusting: the toddler likes to put her dirty spoons back in the silverware drawer.

12.) dear Altadena Valley Country Club, my hubs does not wish to rejoin your membership at this time. i know you miss him, but our bank account does not miss YOU. thanks, but no thanks. letter in trash. :o)

and lastly,

13.) there are so many things i love about having a close nearby BFF, especially when we have so much in common. in all honesty, she is like my kids' second mother. she comes to pick the mabster up and take her to gymnastics just for the hell of it. she lets my kid come over and play all day while i sit in a quiet house during the toshy's nap time. she books vacations for us that make our hubbies grin from ear to ear. these are just a few things she has done for me this week. also, we are on the same page in nearly every aspect of life. even the really deep stuff like religion and politics. it's uh-mazing. and i'll be darned if i didn't think God sent her and her family our way for a reason. hate to get all sentimental on here, but yankee belle...i love ya girl. XOXO

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

mabster's 1st soccer practice

it's official: i'm a SOCCER MOM!!! so tonight the mabster had her very first soccer experience at practice with the YMCA. earlier in the day, daddy met up with us during his lunch break as we let the mabster pick out her very first pair of soccer cleats/shin guards/socks/shorts/etc. of course she picks anything with pink in it. that's my girly girl. i love it. needless to say, jay and i were excited to see how she does. this is her very first organized "team" sport, and to be quite honest, i believe that team sports teach you SO much more than something one does by themselves. okay, okay, so i know she's only three and i'm getting too deep here, but ya know...teamwork rocks!! i asked her if she was excited to play, and she responded back with, "yeah, i can't wait to pick up the ball!" hmmm. goalkeeper, perhaps? this should be interesting. here she is in her soccer we get there early (and why yes, daddy even skipped his jiu jitsu so that he could watch his little girl. now that's impressive.) and start meeting the fellow parents as well as her teammates. it truly is a small world because no sooner than the coach shows up, we recognize and talk with two of the mabster's classmates at school. we keep talking and discover that they will all be in 4-K together in the same exact class. and this is for the Y...not awesome is that? here they are...did i mention that there's a fellow g'daler on the team too who met karla maria at our local park today? again, small world. an incredibly small, small world. so the kids all gather around (9 total on her team) and start doing some stretching exercises. later, they kicked the ball to each other and then got their own chance of dribbling down the field and shooting in the goal. now this was fun to watch. the mabster seemed to prefer the zig-zag method or as daddy would say, "the scenic route." too funny. overall, she really enjoyed and can't wait to play again. good job, mabster! here are some pics...

wordless wednesday

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


tonight, the blazers played the defending national champs (north carolina tarheels) in the NIT Quarterfinals. tip off started at 8:00pm at the bartow and saying we were excited was an understatement. as usual, we met up with my side of the family since lola and pawpaw bought our tickets so that we could all sit together. all the kids sat through the whole game thanks with the help of lollipops from lola. the game was neck and neck during each quarter. they'd be up by 3...we'd be up by 3. rinse and repeat. jay and i cheered like we were students again. high-fiving here, being super obnoxious there...all while holding our kids and jumping. good times, although we couldn't seem to score a basket in the paint or a freaking free throw. we could have won, dude. but alas, the blazers fell to NCU 60-55. elijah millsap led the team with 18 points and 7 rebounds. oh, and mike davis sucks. hehe. lastly, as jay says, "i'm just glad the mecca of basketball came to the bartow and we were there to witness it." GOOO BLAZERS!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

easter/spring pics

so since the girls' easter dresses were finished in no time (thanks nan and maloney!), i couldn't help but sweet talk jay into taking their spring pictures at the Botanical Gardens on saturday morning. the weather was in the 70s and absolutely gorgeous. what better time, eh? so jay naturally obliges and sets up all of his camera gear. he took a ton of super cute pictures, but after reviewing them, there wasn't a single one where both girls were looking at the camera. never fails, right? that's okay though. i have come to learn and love the "in the moment" ones the best anyway.

i'd have to say that the girls really had a great time playing in the bamboo garden and shaking the trees, pointing at the huge goldfish in the pond, and playing with sticks while sitting on huge rocks. who needs props, right? overall, i'm very pleased with the way the pics turned out. an easter photo greeting card should arrive in your mailbox soon. :o) also, thanks for always being my special photographer, jay. it sure beats paying ridiculous amounts of money on the professionals! xoxo

Saturday, March 20, 2010


saturday, we met up with the schweikher family, lola, pawpaw, and tita karmie at the UAB basketball game. the blazers played north carolina state (matt's alma mater), and tip off was at 4:00pm. we all sat together and enjoyed watching the game. surprisingly, all of the kids lasted throughout the entire game with the exception of little evan who fell asleep on his mommy towards the very end. at one point during the game, the girls danced, clapped, and seemed to be having a great time. overall, the blazers downed the wolfpack with a score of 72-52. of course, jay and matt had a bet going on with whose team would win. men. they crack me up. here are some pics...after the game, we rounded up all of the kiddos and ate at dreamland bar-b-que. it was delicious and made the toshy even more ready for bedtime. UAB plays UNC tuesday night at 8:00pm at the bartow, and we are SOO excited to watch. if our blazers beat the tarheels, i will poop myself. GOOO BLAZERS!!!