Friday, March 19, 2010

at tony and maloney's

friday night, we went over to tony and maloney's house since maloney put the final touches on the pillowcase dresses that nan made for the girls for easter. it's so nice to have a super close friend who has her very own embroidery machine and knows all the ends and outs of sewing stuff...because me? i haven't a clue. all i did was pick out the fabric and ribbon and told her what i wanted, and she made it look like a masterpiece.

so once we get there, uncle tony cooked us some yummy fish tacos. notice no meat. yup, they are good catholics honoring no meat on fridays during lent. that's why we love them. well, one of the reasons. so while maloney was upstairs working hard in her little sweatshop, the guys were downstairs watching the munchkins. at first the girls wanted to follow the mommies upstairs until uncle tony screams "COOKIES!!!" and distracts them towards the kitchen. well played, sir. well played. here are some pics...the night is winding down, and the girls are still going strong (thanks to those sugar cookies, i'm sure). uncle tony then screams, "BATH TIME!!" and just like before, the kids go crazy. so we all pile them into the tub (i swear it almost felt like being at the beach again), and everyone is trying to eat bubbles. claire and lyla are only months apart from each other so luckily, lyla was able to wear a pair of claire's pajammies home. they were so.stinkin.cute.timing was perfect because soon after, maloney came back downstairs with the finished products. by golly gee, the dresses are complete and BE-A-UTIFUL!! i am SO in love with them. so thanks to nan for making the dresses and to maloney for all the suturing/applique/embroidery help. lastly, shout out to stickyfingerz boutique. become a fan on facebook or follow her blog...she does some wonderful stuff!!