Sunday, March 7, 2010

daddy/daughters day

today, jay decided to take the girls out for the day while i enjoyed a day with my sisters. he asked the mabster what she wanted to do, and she replied back with "chuck-e-cheese" so off they went. daddy said that the toshy absolutely loved riding on the barney train. that he spent $10 on tokens and about $6 of it was used for her and barney. so stinkin' sweet. they decided to eat lunch there where daddy reported that both girls annihilated a medium pizza. he said he was quite impressed.after hanging out at chuck-e-cheese, daddy decided to take his girls to the zoo since the weather was beautiful. he also thought that we needed to renew our membership, but luckily, that's not until april. so as they were walking around the zoo, he said that the mabster wanted to sit in the stroller with baby sister. he sat both of them in there and thought it was a funny sight with the toshy's leg popping out so he took a picture. oh, and do you love the tiara on the mabster's head? looks like she wanted to be queen for the day. overall, daddy said that the zoo was pretty busy, and that they walked around but a lot of the exhibits were under construction. they saw the sea otters (which have always been the mabster's favorite) and rode the choo-choo train.meanwhile while daddy played with his girls, i went to the cottontails village with karla and karmie. we met up around 2:00pm and closed the place down at 5:00pm. i finally found the cutest matching car seat covers for the girls that were half the price of what one would pay online. shibby!! i was SO excited. i bought a couple of other things, and so did karla and karmie. we were quite pleased with our purchases and then decided to continue the sister bonding over dinner at cosmo's pizza. overall, it was a great day for the whole family.


*Yankee Belle* said...

You think J would adopt me for a day? fun fun!