Monday, March 15, 2010

deep sea fishing

we rolled out of bed monday morning and jumped on the boat before it left the dock at 6:00am. did i mention i'm NOT a morning person, and that made 2 days in a row for my ass to be out of bed before 7:30am? luckily, i'm deliriously chipper and thinking it's gonna be a great trip. which it was. just a little hiccup every now and then as i realized the dramamine wasn't working like i had hoped it would (i'll have to finish this story towards the end). so jay pops open his first beer as soon as we set foot on the boat. me? i open my gatorade. i knew my electrolytes were damn near close to nothing after my previous girls' trip. i needed some energy if i was going to reel in the monster amberjack that brandon was about to defeat. here are some we watch the sunrise as our captain drives us about 40 miles out (which is equivalent to an hour). jay's being highly affectionate to me because he is well aware just by looking at my face that sea sickness has already kicked in. blech. i'm a trooper though. i believe i hid it from everyone except for him. i guess because i hate being the center of attention, and in all honesty, who wants to be known as "the puke girl." nope, not me. lol. so the boat stops at a location, and we all grab a rod and start fishing for bait fish. i drop in my first cast and catch two red snapper a one time. now i'm feeling great again. i have to add though some had to be thrown back since they were considered "out of season." boo, i say. the guys caught some great ones, and i loved watching them reel in the big ones as everyone yelled and heckled each other. it was hilarious.furthermore, the deep sea fishing trip was 10 hours long, but it really did seem to fly by. we'd stop at one place, drop our bait, and then the fish would continually bite every time. it was awesome. i believe that everyone caught about 80 pounds of filets along with some amberjacks, trigger fish, snapper, etc. also, one of the neatest things throughout the trip was watching the guys catch the fish, cut it open (filet it), and then grill it on the green egg. how's that for freshness?

all in all, deep sea fishing was a lot of fun. ya know, minus the yacking 7-8 times. seasick much? yup. i would like to say thank you to the hubs though for taking care of me and sitting outside on the freezing deck as he held me while i almost fell asleep on the drive back to the beach house. if it weren't for him, i'm not sure i would have made it. and although he laughed at me every time i came back from my bathroom visit, at least he was there to sit and comfort "the puke girl." that's my definition of love right there. here are some pics of the catches of the day. it was a great time, and we can't wait for the fish fry!