Sunday, March 21, 2010

easter/spring pics

so since the girls' easter dresses were finished in no time (thanks nan and maloney!), i couldn't help but sweet talk jay into taking their spring pictures at the Botanical Gardens on saturday morning. the weather was in the 70s and absolutely gorgeous. what better time, eh? so jay naturally obliges and sets up all of his camera gear. he took a ton of super cute pictures, but after reviewing them, there wasn't a single one where both girls were looking at the camera. never fails, right? that's okay though. i have come to learn and love the "in the moment" ones the best anyway.

i'd have to say that the girls really had a great time playing in the bamboo garden and shaking the trees, pointing at the huge goldfish in the pond, and playing with sticks while sitting on huge rocks. who needs props, right? overall, i'm very pleased with the way the pics turned out. an easter photo greeting card should arrive in your mailbox soon. :o) also, thanks for always being my special photographer, jay. it sure beats paying ridiculous amounts of money on the professionals! xoxo


Elizabeth said...

These are great!!!

Karla said...

Their dresses turned out super cute! Ya'll got some cute pics, too. YAY for Spring!!

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Kim said...

aww, thanks you guys!!