Thursday, March 4, 2010

happy 30th birthday, red!

thursday night, jay and i headed to the fish market downtown in honor of red's 30th birthday dinner. the celebration began at 6:30pm where dinner and drinks were provided on the outside patio. everything was delicious, but my favorite was the seafood au gratin. we sat with gracie, john, baby douglas, mugg, haley, and auntie jess. the conversation was great, and we really enjoyed ourselves. here are some pics...gotta love when auntie jess and jay get together for a picture. silly goobers. towards the end of dinner, we all sang happy birthday to red, and then later mingled around for a bit. admittedly, my cheeks were flushed from either the wine or the outdoor heaters. possibly both. overall, we had a great time. happy 30th, red!