Friday, March 12, 2010

hotlanta: day 1

friday morning began our journey to yet another fantastic girls trip. destination- the ATL. we arrived and checked in to our hotel at The Georgian Terrace. the place was fabulous and much better than we ever expected. there were 9 of us total so we booked two rooms (one for the late risers (that's me!!) and the other one was for the early birds). it worked out great. so as soon as we walked into our room, we noticed that it was set up like a 2 bedroom apartment with a full kitchen, huge den, and washer & dryer. again, it was fabulous. so of course, everyone wants the master bedroom with the king size bed. WWJD?...battle it out with a fierce game of paper, rock, scissors. it was karla vs. brenda. one round. one throw. karla maria threw paper simultaneously as brenda threw a rock. SCORE!! we won. the master bedroom was ours for the taking. kudos, KM. kudos.once we got checked in, rooms were claimed, and we unpacked...we decided to drive over to IKEA. i've never been to this wee little slice of heaven so very excited, i was. i believe the first 15 minutes of walking around went a little like this: "shut up. i can't believe this place. shut up." seriously though. we were in bargain city/organizational awe. here's a pic of KM and YB standing beside a painting of the brooklyn bridge. appropriate, no? the next pic is of the two hand puppets i brought back for the girls. one's a cow and the other a pig. they love them. LOVE.after shopping around, we headed back to our hotel room in order to start getting ready for our night out. heather booked us dinner reservations at Pricci at 8:00pm. this was her favorite restaurant when she use to live in hotlanta and it's easy to see why. everything was sensational. what's even better was that while we were there, it was the first annual Buckhead Restaurant Week where a special promotion highlighted some of the best restaurants in Buckhead. Pricci partook in the event and offered a prix-fixe, three-course menu consisting of an appetizer, a main course and dessert for $25 per person excluding alcohol, tax and gratuity. talk about a steal!! not to mention, we got to sample different champagnes,wines,etc. that accentuated each course. the picture of karla is her eating the complimentary "octopus salad" appetizer. surprisingly, it was really tasty. good choice, heather!after a wonderful dinner, we decided to hit up a drag show at a gay bar called, "Blake's on the Park." yup, you've read correctly. KM and i have never been to a drag show. it's been added to our bucket list a long time ago, and our friends love us so much that they made it happen. talk about some good bitches right there. i love them. so this place was hilariously awesome. they sang, danced, and we tipped them dollar bills while receiving hugs and kisses of gratitude. did i mention that i love gay men? hehe. take a gander if you it gets better. no way, right? yep. waaaay better. next thing i know, i hear the hosting drag queen say, "any twins in the house? i love twins. what about twins named kim and karla!! where are you girls!? get out here!!" so at this point, KM and i are thinking, "oh shit, what the hell did we do?" i was nervous. admittedly, a little scared. then it turned into excitement, and i threw my camera at YB (the master mind of the whole plan). turns out, YB and PH told him that it was our 30th birthday. but really, it's not. no birthday. not 30. not yet. but a damn good idea because it got us called out in front of the whole place and a free shot with a drag queen!!! did i mention my friends are fakkin cool as ever!? seriously. thanks, YB!it was turning out to be a great night that i will never want to forget. next stop, we all crammed into a taxi cab and headed to the ER lounge where the VIP room was set up to resemble a stripper pole inside an ambulance. hawt stuff. they played awesome music as we continued to dance, drink, and act like fools. oh, what a night!!


*Yankee Belle* said...

I love reading the recap!!! Phenomenal time, phenomenal.

Heather S. said...

HAHAHA! I didn't even realize that it looked like the inside of an ambulance. Maybe I was a little more drunk than I thought. Obviously my stance on the stripper pole proves that I was. : )