Sunday, March 14, 2010

orange beach

sunday morning came by in a flurry, and my disdain for the time change was palpable. we left around 6:00am and drove back home where i had a nappy nap, and then later re-packed my bags again. this time was for a quick getaway with the hubs for a deep sea fishing trip with his brother (germ) and friends. we dropped the girls off at lola and pawpaw's house & headed down to orange beach.

we arrived later than we expected so jay and i decided to eat a nice quiet dinner just the two of us at Cafe Grazie. the place was absolutely phenomenal. the best italian seafood i have ever had. we both ate the "grazie cannelloni" which consisted of lobster, shrimp, scallops, and crab meat all rolled into a cannelloni topped with alfredo and cheese sauce. good god, i wish i could have some right now. the portion size was perfect too considering it didn't leave us feeling like we were about to bust. here are some pics with the last one of me being goofy and acting like i was pushing up a falling palm tree. i have an eye for dorky photo opps, no?we arrived at the "high cotton" beach house where everyone was staying at. as we walked through the back we saw the beautiful boat sitting there just waiting for us to take board in only a few hours. we were SO excited. so we get acquainted with the beach house, find our room with 3 beds (yes, was a resting place for our bags and clothes, and the other two were for the hibbity-dibbity. HA!), and then later met everyone outside where we chatted for a bit before catching some zzz's. surprisingly, i got a really good night's sleep. thankfully, because i definitely needed it. here are some pics...