Thursday, March 18, 2010

pottery playdate

thursday marked our last spring break playdate at heather's house. i was really looking forward to it considering the pottery lady was going to be there. i've been wanting to do something like this with the girls for forever, but just kept putting it off. luckily, this way worked out perfect since the girls got to play while mommy looked around and tried to figure out what i wanted, as well as what would make the cutest gifts. ends up i ordered the square dinner dish with both of the mabster and toshy's hand prints in the middle with the color scheme to match my kitchen and a monogrammed "D" in the middle. i also ordered some soap dispensers, and i can't wait to see how they turn out! here are some quick pics i took while there...meanwhile, the girls enjoyed playing both inside and out. the mabster (of course) saw a puzzle and was hooked. later, everyone headed outside to play on the swing set. i can't help but laugh at the last pic...notice how the mabster is in the toddler swing while the toshy is in the big girl one. yup, those are my girls! we had a blast, heather. thanks for having us over on such a gorgeous day!