Tuesday, March 30, 2010

sunny sunny day

so the weather is absolutely gorgeous. spring has finally sprung, and i swear we have been playing outside in it nonstop. today was no different. after lunch, we all decided to let the kids burn off more energy so we headed towards one of our local parks. this park is perfect for the toddlers, not to mention the mabster and big B loved it too. KB, happy feet, and the tosh climbed up the miniature playsets and slid down the slides. CJ walked around with his push toy on the sidewalk all while the mommies chatted and soaked up some vitamin D. overall, the midgets' favorite was the merry-go-round. you don't see many parks nowadays with one of these bad boys, do ya? nope. so when we run across one, it makes for some big fun. i use to love those things when i was a little girl. here are some pics...this last picture is my utmost favorite. it's the toshy with her boy toy. young love at it's finest...sharing and eating rocks. mmmm, delicious!