Thursday, March 4, 2010

thursday's thirteen

1.) the mabster LURVES watching "team umizoomi" on nick. perhaps she will be good at math. just like her mother. **lightening strikes**

2.) this week i have endured the best night's sleep thanks to crisp clean sheets. that is all.

3.) last tuesday, i had no intentions of leaving my house on the gawd awful fugly day...until hubs called & suggested lunch at olive garden. score!

4.) so it was the bachelor's season finale on monday night. of course, i had to watch it even though i already knew who he was going to pick. the final two were tenley (tinkerbell who dreams in cartoons and shits rainbows) versus vienna (horseface skank with loads of personality enough to pack some sausage). hehehe. did i mention that i didn't really care for either one? i digress. the outcome: he picked vienna sausage. boo this man.

5.) i know tenley is the classier one and that everyone was disappointed that he didn't pick her, BUT...jake said something that in my mind makes complete sense. he said that, "i want a girl i knock in the pool when she's not looking knowing she won't get mad." see. i get that. i really do. he knows that if he shoved tenley into a pool, she'd most likely cry about it. but if it were vienna...well, she'd laugh. and then most likely get naked. skank. *grins cheekily* but seriously, the rest of your life with someone is really a very.long.damn.time. wouldn't anybody in their right mind want a partner who is playful and will make you laugh till the day that you die? i know i do.

6.) this leads me to my favorite quote of all time: "love is like best friends on fire." isn't it beautiful?

7.) the other day, i watched "happy feet" (aka cousin carson) while tita karla went to her dentist appointment and got a pedicure. i couldn't help but laugh as i unzipped his jacket and read his shirt that said, "i still live with my parents." brilliant.

8.) tonight, jay and i will be celebrating auntie red's 30th birthday at the fish market sans the kiddos. i'll go ahead and claim this a date night since we'll be able to sit still long enough without a worry of a spilled drink in our laps. eek, can't wait! happy birthday, red!

9.) the other day while folding laundry, i couldn't help but laugh at the youngest who walked around with underwear on her head. thankfully, they were clean.

10.) friday night, karla and i are meeting up with a couple of friends from high school that we have reconnected with through facebook. one of the girls we haven't seen since the day we graduated and have been wondering what she was up to for some time now. let the interrogation begin after a couple of glasses of mojitos! afterwards, i'll be heading to see my bunco bitches where everyone swears that we will actually play this month...i'll believe it when i see it! :P

11.) overcompensation: laughing hard for no rhyme or reason other than the fact that it burns calories, and i'm too lazy to hit the gym.

12.) saturday, we will be attending sue and leo's wedding. their big day is finally here, and i couldn't be more excited to help them celebrate. i'll definitely have to polish off my dancing shoes because it's going to be a blast!

13.) "A word to the wise ain't necessary--it's the stupid ones that need the advice." -Bill Cosby

and lastly (here's an extra because obviously i can't count this week...see #1),

14.) so daddy got the girls dressed last night while i was taking a shower. i was impressed that he picked out super cute green and white tops since we were heading to the UAB game and wanted them in team colors. it wasn't till we were at the game when i took both of them to the bathroom that i realized the oldest was in a belly shirt while lil sis donned what looked like a dress. needless to say, he put the wrong top on the wrong kid. and that my friend, is what daddies are for: senseless humor.


A Mom to Two Lil' Cuties said...

"shake ur hands high - to the sky, shake ur hands low - to your toes, down low, up high."
Yeah, we're umizoomi fans too :)

Anonymous said...

Alles richtig so