Thursday, March 25, 2010

thursday's thirteen

1.) while watching tv the other day, the show "the doctors" told me that sleeping in will make me skinny. well then. why the fack am i not skeletor!?! #ismellalie

2.) the toshy has started a new endeavor this week. what is it? she insists on climbing up the stairs all by herself. the stairs leading to the man cave. that's 19 steps. we've counted. at least 4 times a day. it undeniably takes a good 8 minutes to follow her closely up. miss independent, indeed.

3.) note to self: find a BB gun for woody the woodpecker who thinks it's fun to drill on my windows thus causing me to cringe in an unsightly fashion.

4.) as of late, the mabster's favorite word which she likes to include in every sentence is "sure." like a pretty pair of shoes, it goes with anything. it's kinda cute. here are some examples: "i sure do like this." "i sure am tired." "i sure want some marshmallows." so on and so forth...

5.) #LOST- BEST.EPISODE.YET. i was kinda shocked that they turned it into a biblical thing, but's getting gooooood!! finally. questions are being answered and the wheels in meh head are spinning...

6.) while at lunch the other day, the oldest said that she wants TWO daddies. needless to say, daddy didn't laugh. but mommy did. :D

7.) other than early morning soccer games (8:30am...who runs after balls that early!? :P), our weekends are really beginning to open up. which only means one thing...lake season is almost here. oh yes. it is the best.

8.) speaking of the mabster's soccer games, her uniform is white. that said, the coach allowed them to pick their own team name. the top three choices were: a.) the white tigers, b.) the polar bears, or c.) snow storm. all of these options were chosen by the kids, for the kids. they voted, and "snow storm" won by cheers and applause. sounds fierce, no? I.LUBS.IT.

9.) today while the oldest is at school, the toddler and i are meeting up with friends for a yummy lunch of sushi at maki fresh. BM doesn't eat sushi, but i've lured her in with promises of cooked chicken. i checked the menu. hope all ends well.

10.) tonight we have plans to take the girls to see the easter bunny and have their pics taken with him. i really can't believe that easter is already sneaking up on us. hopefully the big-headed rabbit won't scare the girls...

11.) ridiculously hilarious vs. absolutely disgusting: the toddler likes to put her dirty spoons back in the silverware drawer.

12.) dear Altadena Valley Country Club, my hubs does not wish to rejoin your membership at this time. i know you miss him, but our bank account does not miss YOU. thanks, but no thanks. letter in trash. :o)

and lastly,

13.) there are so many things i love about having a close nearby BFF, especially when we have so much in common. in all honesty, she is like my kids' second mother. she comes to pick the mabster up and take her to gymnastics just for the hell of it. she lets my kid come over and play all day while i sit in a quiet house during the toshy's nap time. she books vacations for us that make our hubbies grin from ear to ear. these are just a few things she has done for me this week. also, we are on the same page in nearly every aspect of life. even the really deep stuff like religion and politics. it's uh-mazing. and i'll be darned if i didn't think God sent her and her family our way for a reason. hate to get all sentimental on here, but yankee belle...i love ya girl. XOXO


*Yankee Belle* said...

You had me at hello... xoxo more.

Anonymous said...

Well then.... thats why I never lose weight.....i havent slept past 6am in years! i cant wait to tell people the new reason why i havent lost any weight! hehe!