Wednesday, March 3, 2010

UAB vs. Memphis

tonight, we ventured on down to the steaming bartow arena to watch UAB's last home basketball game vs. Memphis. tip off started at 8:00pm, and we've been patiently waiting for this game all year. we met up with my side of the family at the game and all sat together since our tickets were ordered months ago. no sooner than walking through the door and heading to our seats, we see vulcan's mascot "V." seeing him felt surprisingly appropriate after the mabster's first visit with him over the weekend. here are some pics...the game starts off good, and we are pretty much neck and neck for awhile. then we give them about a 10 point lead, and of course, being the "cardiac kids" (so rightfully nicknamed) that we are, we start coming back within 3 points with seconds left on the clock. seems like we couldn't hit a shot to save our life. nonetheless, it was a great game, but a disappointing loss with the score of Memphis-70, UAB-65. GOO BLAZERS!!oh, and as we were walking out towards our car, we ran across the pi kapp tent where their letters were being displayed. some of the guys had camped out all day, and jay wanted to jump in front of them for a picture with his girls. super cute, no?