Saturday, March 20, 2010


saturday, we met up with the schweikher family, lola, pawpaw, and tita karmie at the UAB basketball game. the blazers played north carolina state (matt's alma mater), and tip off was at 4:00pm. we all sat together and enjoyed watching the game. surprisingly, all of the kids lasted throughout the entire game with the exception of little evan who fell asleep on his mommy towards the very end. at one point during the game, the girls danced, clapped, and seemed to be having a great time. overall, the blazers downed the wolfpack with a score of 72-52. of course, jay and matt had a bet going on with whose team would win. men. they crack me up. here are some pics...after the game, we rounded up all of the kiddos and ate at dreamland bar-b-que. it was delicious and made the toshy even more ready for bedtime. UAB plays UNC tuesday night at 8:00pm at the bartow, and we are SOO excited to watch. if our blazers beat the tarheels, i will poop myself. GOOO BLAZERS!!!