Friday, April 30, 2010

slammy's bachelorette weekend: day 1

friday morning, karla maria and i drove down to panama city beach, florida for the start of our friend slammy's bachelorette weekend. see, we go way back with slammy...from high school to being fellow sorority sisters in college to the present day. we still try to keep in touch although we live in two different states at the moment. here's a little background check to get ya'll up to speed with the slam just in case anyone is wondering: she graduated with her master's degree at FSU in developmental and child psychology. she is now a behavior analyst and works for autism services, as well as teaching a college behavior class. she used to live in PCB while working on her masters and that is why she wanted to revisit her old stomping grounds this weekend. see slammy works as hard as she plays. she may come off as "a dumb blond," but in all honesty, she is far from it. the girl's got cred and not just a hot bod. she surprises us more and more every day. we love you, slammy!on a side note, this weekend also fell upon the "12th annual biker thunder beach" week. oh yes, to say there were dirty old men on hogs every where you looked was an understatement. it was fabulous. so once we get there and check into the edgewater beach resort, we reminisce about the last time we stayed there during one of our family vacations when we were younger. good times. i digress. it was rainy that day so instead of heading to the beach like what we had hoped for, we popped in some sex and the city dvds and cuddled up with some girl talk. in all honesty, it was the perfect start. later, we all got ready for dinner at "uncle ernie's" in the st. andrews area where we ate on the outside patio. the peach mojitos were delicious!during dinner, slammy and meghan ran into their local friends freddie and kirk who later invited us to chill out on dr. roger's boat that was docked right beside the restaurant. the boat's name was Rome' and in the Great Lakes National Historic Registry. we thought that was kinda neat because dude, it was old. so slammy bartended for us while they played the music loud. we danced, sang, and had a good time just being silly. here are some pics...later in the night, we just walked around and proceeded to bar hop. as we were walking we passed a painted up mural with a beautiful ocean scene. i take one look at it, and the best photo opp pops into my head. i hand my camera over to jaime childs and scream to everyone else "start swimming!!" it was hilarious. we all strike different poses as she takes about 3 different pics. the last pic she took was priceless. notice slammy's pose. we took one look at it and said, "umm slammy...i don't think that's swimming..." my gawd. i laughed SO hard. gawd love it. here are the pics...

drew and heather's baby shower

friday night while i was at the beach with the girls, jay was at a baby shower in honor of drew and heather's upcoming bundle of joy. they have decided to be surprised with the sex of the baby upon delivery, and i so can't wait to find out what it is. we helped host the shower with tony/maloney and brand/lisa at the brand's home at 6:00pm. jay said it was a huge success and that the whole gang was there. he took some pics and said that the diaper cake that maloney made was super cute. also, notice the soon-to-be-momma is drinking root beer out of a wine glass. love it. here's to a healthy remaining pregnancy, you guys! just a wee bit longer, and we'll be adding another munchkin to the tailgate mischief! hehe.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

thursday's thirteen...or thirty...

(disclaimer: since i skipped last week's edition of "thursday's 13" due to being out of town, i am making up for it now. the easy way. which simply consists of cut and pasting from my twitter account. all my random thoughts have to go somewhere, right? here they go...)

1.) I blog. Therefore, I tweet.

2.) Just shotgunned my kid's juice box because I lost the straw. #MadSkillz

3.) Quiet house. Fresh air. New Pottery Barn catalogs. Life is good.

4.) webster defines "jungle gym" as a structure of vertical and horizontal rods where children can climb and play. my kiddos definition? mommy.

5.) Running my mouth on the phone all morning when I realized the little one fell asleep on me. Love, love, love...

6.) Confession: Mike Rowe is a damn hottie. Dirty and all. I'd let him do me. #OhYesIWould

7.) big sis tells baby sis, "don't eat the play-doh because i don't eat it anymore." well there you have it...

8.) it's wine-o'clock and grilling time on the back porch, baby!!

9.) "Patience is a virtue, as long as I am not the one exercising it." -Sarcasm Society

10.) Is amazed at how much I can get done while the kiddos and daddy play outside all day. Totally a win-win.

11.) Wishes I could take home the little old lady who works at my local Chick-Fil-A. She's as sweet as the day is long.

12.) Tim McGraw said it best when he sang, "All I wanna do is be with you and watch the wind blow by..." #GawgeousDayPeople

13.) Jake is crying again. He seriously needs some Vagisil. Stat. #DWTS

14.) Vegas trip with the bestest besties: Booked.

15.) Ahhh, mosquitos are out and in full force already. Fantastic.

16.) Loves when a song comes on the radio and the mabster starts singing to every word. It gives me the warm & fuzzies.

17.) The Hubs deserves some sort of award after our family vacation. he is definitely the King of our castle. #MagicalMemoriesIndeed

18.) Just left doc. After losing 52 pounds from being my heaviest, my blood pressure is perfect. Best news I've heard all week!

19.) That's the only time I wish we had a dog. Ha! @YankeBell: Does not appreciate that B thinks wiping her crumbs onto the floor is cleaning up.

20.) Opposing coach on the red team is a tad bit overly competitive.'s 3 year old soccer. #SimmerDownNow And the winning streak has ceased. Boo. Hiss.

21.) Ponders if a Disney character ever gets too hot inside the costumes & passes out. If so, you'd assume that one would immediately tear head off and assess the individual. That said, I bet that absolutely terrifies a bunch of young ones. Hehehe. Deep Thoughts by Kimtastic.

22.) J: "wanna know what's the best about being around all these countries?" K: "?" J: "you can fart & blame it on the Norwegian or Mexican food."

23.) ate sun chips out of their new completely 100% compostable bag for lunch today. #HappyEarthDay

24.) the mabster broke her shoe, fixed it, and then screamed, "good as new!"

and lastly (these are non-tweets),

25.) earlier this week, i enrolled little lyla for her first ever dance class. it'll be her very first extra-curricular activity without mommy in the room, and luckily, she is in the same class with her friend Kolee-Brook. i can't wait to watch them two tip-toe around in their tutus. :o)

26.) this weekend, karla maria and i will be leaving bright and early on friday morning to meet up with the girls for slammy's bachelorette party down in PC Beach. we are so excited to catch some rays and party on slammy's old stomping grounds. gotta love a great girls only weekend!

27.) while i'm gone, jay will be playing the role of "mr. mom." get this...he'll be taking the girls early saturday morning for the mabster's soccer pictures and then dart over and get her ready for her dance dress rehearsal. i've already showed him how to fix her hair all by himself. let's keep our fingers crossed that it looks decent. and that my friends, is why i married the BEST.DAMN.DADDY.IN.THE.WORLD.

28.) also, we are helping co-host a baby shower for our friends, drew and heather. however, i will not be there, but jay will be attending while lola watches the girls. can't wait to meet that baby, drew and heather!

29.) so i'll get back on sunday just in time for the mabster's actual dance recital at the alabama theater. both sides of our family will be there to cheer on our sweet little girl, and who knows, this proud momma may just tear up. i can't wait!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

wordless wednesday

Monday, April 26, 2010

like, whoa.

recently (as of last night), a friend commented on one of tita karmie's pictures per her facebook page. since i was tagged to the pic, i received a notification as well. therefore, i clicked on the pic and was a bit taken back. it was an oldie, but definitely a goodie. nostalgic feelings came over me as i had almost forgotten about it since it was taken years ago. in fact, i believe the mabster was not even one yet guesstimating by the length of her hair.

location: at the lakehouse.
caption: "the mabster is always down for any of my shenanigans."
now here is the's ridiculously cute, no? as soon as i showed it to the mabster, these were her exact words,

"look, tita karmie has a baby in her belly, and it's ME!!"

so in the spirit of full disclosure, apparently, i am no longer her mother and this is proof of it...coming from a nearly 4 year old. oh bloody hell.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

happy 1st birthday, CJ!!

saturday, we headed over to our second family's house in honor of CJ's first birthday party. i seriously can't believe that silly monkey is one already. cuh-razy. his birthday theme was the same as his room (sock monkeys), and everything was absolutely adorable. check out that cake...SOOO CUTE!!close family members started arriving, and the older girls played in big B's room while cousin carson and lyla played with the kitchen set. also, lyla tried to give her boy toy (aka the birthday boy) a baby doll and lots of hugs like she usually does. here are some pics...later, we all sang happy birthday as CJ blew out the candles on his cake with the help of big sis and friends. soon after, he tore into his very own piece as we all laughed and took pics. opening presents came next, and then we ended up hanging out all day and night with the bestest besties we could ask for. we love you guys, and happy first birthday, CJ!! XOXO

Thursday, April 22, 2010

mom's night out

thursday night couldn't have come at a better time. i love my kids with every ounce of my being, but after the 10 hour car ride back from disney where both of them (especially the mabster) sang and talked the ENTIRE.TIME. (no lie), i was beyond looking forward to a peaceful laid-back kidless night out with the girls. there were no questions of naming the seven dwarfs, which princesses she met, when can we go again?, are we there yet?, demands of certain dvds being played, so on and so forth. never once did she stop for air. seriously. and naps? nope. that luxury we enjoyed going down was definitely not performed coming back. oh well. whattayagonnado?

so where was i? oh yes. so jay gets home thursday, and i dart out the door like a bat outta hell. i pick up yankee belle, and then we meet up with blue momma, heather, and lynda at california pizza kitchen since some weren't attending the latter part of the night, and we really wanted to enjoy their company. after dinner, we hop, skip, and jump over to superior grill where poodlehead hosted a jewelry party of a handmade artwear line featuring gorgeous pieces made of natural stones with beautiful accents. my SIL, gracie, was invited and met us there as well. she met everyone at our birthday party, and everyone seems to think she's pretty cool. well of course she is! i was so glad she came since we got a chance to catch up as we all talked about various things. we enjoyed margaritas while listening to the live band on the back patio, and all around, it was a great night. here are just a couple of pics that i was able to snag...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

wordless wednesday

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

disney: day three

tuesday morning, jay had made reservations for breakfast with lilo and stitch at the ohana restaurant inside our resort. the dishes were served family style which included scrambled eggs, island-style fried potatoes, hawaiian pork sausages, smoked bacon, and a variety of fresh fruits and breads. the mabster's favorite? the mickey mouse shaped pancakes. they turn everything into a mickey configuration at disney, i tell ya! it was awesome. we got to meet lilo, stitch, mickey, and pluto throughout the breakfast as they stopped by our table for pictures and autographs. again, the mabster was in heaven. later, she joined in on the parade with stitch and friends...after breakfast, we jumped on the monorail and went to play at epcot for the day. as soon as we walk in, we see daisy duck standing there. we ask the girls if they want to take a picture with her, and of course, their answer was yes. they are my children after all, ya know. after wards, we ride on the "finding nemo" adventure as well as other rides and shows. here are some pics...this was my first time in epcot, and i found it to be really gorgeous especially walking within the huge gardens where i actually took the time to "smell the roses." hehe. while waiting for our lunch reservations, we sat on a park bench that overlooked the water. the girls waved at the ferries passing by while we enjoyed looking at the beautiful architecture that each country possessed.soon it was time for our lunch reservations at the Akershus Restaurant for the "princess storybook dining." the norwegian food was delicious and really hit the spot. later towards the end of the meal, cinderella, sleeping beauty, snow white, princess belle, and ariel all came out to stop at our table for autographs and pics. the mabster was hilarious...she'd eyeball them as they walked around the room, but as soon as they got close enough to her, it was like she was starstruck. she couldn't believe it and got quite bashful. you can tell by the pics. and lyla? she just glared at them. so stinkin' sweet.after lunch, we walked around a bit more throughout epcot. the little one was fading fast so lyla and i rode the monorail back to our room for a nap while daddy took the mabster back to the magic kingdom to revisit some of her favorite rides and a couple of new ones like the "tomorrowland indy speedway" where he let her drive and steer their race car all by herself. he said they did a zig zag and hit the bumpers the whole time while she just laughed and laughed. here are some pics...daddy and the mabster came back a few hours later and surprised lyla with her very own little mermaid doll. she loves it. also, the mabster came back with a disney collector pins holder necklace that she wore proudly. we got the girls ready and headed out to dinner inside our resort at the ohana restaurant. they served us all you can eat chicken, shrimp, steak, and pork during a festive parade and limbo dance for the kids. later, we watched from our table the fireworks over the castle. it was beautiful and lyla absolutely loved it. the mabster? she had such a long day with daddy that she seriously fell asleep in her chair. even ice cream with mickey mouse sprinkles couldn't wake her up. good times, indeed. so good that disney has now been declared an annual family vacation...if the funds allow it. here's to hoping. we love you, dear disney!