Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the comedy club

tonight, we celebrated karla and i's birthday with our side of the family at the comedy club stardome. KM received free tickets again this year, and of course, we don't refuse things when they are free, right? of course not. plus, we've always had a good time at these shows and after this week, i really felt the need for a good laugh. our table was located on the floor, front row and center. words cannot describe how nervous i was before the show started. i thought for sure that i would be the first one to get picked on. luckily, the table beside us reaped all of the jokes. jesus saved me.

so the first and last acts were hilariously awesome. the second guy? not so much. he started talking politics and bashing obama. and while i'll admit i didn't vote for the guy, it was more than a bit tactless. no worries, he made fun of bush too. i honestly didn't know how to react. to make matters worse, one lady out of the crowd starts screaming, "get off the stage" and other rude comments that only egged him on more. but c'mon, let's me an audience member, you've got to be aware that a comedian is going to get up there and say something that a.) you don't agree with, b.) something distasteful, and c.) something that shouldn't be turned into a joke, but whattaya know, it is. no need to look a fool by showing your arse and making the situation that much more uncomfortable. thankfully shortly after, he was done and the headliner came out.

all in all, i enjoyed the first lady the best. she is the one in the last pic. now she was great and covered the crowd full of blanket jokes which included herself. you've got to appreciate a big girl who can make fun of herself. some would claim that as her own personal insecurities, but i completely disagree. in fact, i believe it's the opposite and that she's far too comfortable in her own skin. it was awesome. overall, a good time and great ending to our birthday celebration!