Sunday, April 11, 2010

cousin pics at the gardens

today, we all met up with jay's side of the family in hopes of catching some cute pictures of all the cousins together. location: the botanical gardens, of course! gracie thought it would be a great idea for a mother's day gift since the holiday is fast approaching. needless to say, nana lin if you are reading this...STOP now. i repeat. STOP NOW!!!

in fact, i probably shouldn't even blog this just yet, but i couldn't resist. i know that if i don't do it now, i definitely won't later. and well, that would be tragic because the pics turned out SO cute. especially the one-on-one shots. the group photo is priceless though. jay said next time we need to bring a baby whisperer that way there's no crying and everyone is looking at the camera. ahh, if only one really did exist. all in all, i think the pics of 5 ridiculously cute kids turned out great. good job, jay!