Saturday, April 3, 2010

dinner and dyeing

saturday after the birthday party/easter egg hunt, we came back home and let the toshy take her late afternoon nap. then we made last minute plans with our neighboring BFFs for dinner over at their house. mitchelle cooked us his signature home-made pizzas and they were money. we let the kids play together (toshy with her boy toy, the mabster with big B, and the jaydoug with the mitchelle). here are some pics...after dinner, YB got out the disney princesses dyeing kit so that the girls could have fun coloring some pretty easter eggs together. i was SO glad she had this planned because i was starting to feel guilty for not having done them yet. see that's what good friends are make sure you don't forget to partake in the fun little things that your children really enjoy. meanwhile, bartender mitchelle was making dirty martinis while jaydoug showed the girls how to dip the eggs into two different colors.after the mabster and big B added more of their own personal touches such as stickers, glitter, etc, they donned their princess tiaras and proudly showed us their finished masterpieces. good job, girls. ya'lls easter eggs look fabulous! oh and btw, the last pic is of them trying to look "sassy" if you will. super cute, no?


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Those two little BFF are sooooo cute!!!

Kim said...

thanks, anne!