Sunday, April 18, 2010

disney: day one

we decided to leave a day earlier for our road trip to orlando since the hubster couldn't fight the urge to wait another day for dear disney. i gotta admit, i was more than on board with his last minute idea. so we drove down right after the mabster's soccer game on saturday morning. the 10 hour drive seemed easier than we expected. we were excited, took our time, stopped to eat, and the girls both took a peaceful 2-3 hour nap at the same time while we cruised along. we finally arrived just outside of orlando late on saturday night after eating dinner and a quick stop to wal-mart for some last minute things.

furthermore, i thought it was the cutest thing when the mabster said, "we sure are running a lot of errands today," and "dinner was good at cracker bell." love that kid. later, we ended up staying at a hampton inn that slept all four of us in one bed. i have to say that it was the worst sleep i've ever had thanks to sweet little lyla who likes to thrash around in her sleep. i wake up, and she is on top of abby. seriously. ON.TOP. of her, cheek to cheek. thankfully, abby didn't seem to mine. they are both such cuddlers.

so we all wake up and then drive for about 30 minutes to our desired destination. can i just say that robert frost is genius. we took the road less traveled & it lead us to The Polynesian. resort. not the chick-fil-a sauce. upon arrival, we all get lei'ed and were saturated with the feel of just landing in hawaii. it was awesome. the place was phenomenal. we were greeted with "aloha" every five seconds, and the atmosphere contained waterfalls, tiki torches, hawaiian flowers, and totem poles everywhere...i truly felt like a pacific islander. oh wait. hehe. you know what i mean. here are some pics...we walk into our room and the girls are in awe. they headed straight to the big window that opened up into an outdoor patio. my favorite was seeing the 2 beds and a pack-n-play which disney provided. i knew i would be getting some sleep now. score. so we throw our suitcases down and head out to find some lunch. we ate at the kona cafe which was located inside the resort. it was delicious, and the girls loved it since their raviolis were shaped as mickey mouse. too stinkin' cute.after lunch, we all decided to walk around and take in the sights around us. once outside, we come across the pool that was located beside the beach that faced cinderella's castle in magic kingdom. the set up of the pool was wonderful. there was a huge volcano that had water running down it which then turned into a waterfall into the pool. there was also a tunnel waterslide that twisted around inside the volcano and then spat you out into the pool. jay and i both went down it, and boy, you caught some serious speed towards the end. the girls enjoyed splashing around the pool and giggling as daddy took them both under the waterfall. good times, indeed!after swimming all day, we go back to our room and start getting ready for dinner. we decided to jump on the bus and eat at downtown disney at the rainforest cafe. thanks to YB, i've heard this place is awesome and that the kids would love it. and that they did. there was so much around them to look at when their attention spans failed on something else. it was perfect. there were animals everywhere, and when the lights would flicker and blacken out along with the sound of thunder, the animals would come to life. surprisingly, the girls didn't get scared, and we all thought it the coolest thing ever.after dinner, we walked around and shopped throughout downtown disney. then, we jumped back on the bus to our room where i laid lyla down for the night while jay took the mabster to the beach (beside the pool) where they sat and watched the fireworks above cinderella's castle at the magic kingdom. all in all, day one at disney was the perfect low-key day where we got to enjoy the most at the resort before heading out to the amusement parks the next day. here are some pics...


Jenny G said...

Sounds like a great start to your trip! Where did you get those adorable smocked swimsuits for the girls?? I gotta have one for V!

Kim said...

hey jenny! i ordered them through "castles and crowns." they have some SUPER cute stuff, and i believe you can order online. if not, i know a sales rep that would love to help you!