Tuesday, April 20, 2010

disney: day three

tuesday morning, jay had made reservations for breakfast with lilo and stitch at the ohana restaurant inside our resort. the dishes were served family style which included scrambled eggs, island-style fried potatoes, hawaiian pork sausages, smoked bacon, and a variety of fresh fruits and breads. the mabster's favorite? the mickey mouse shaped pancakes. they turn everything into a mickey configuration at disney, i tell ya! it was awesome. we got to meet lilo, stitch, mickey, and pluto throughout the breakfast as they stopped by our table for pictures and autographs. again, the mabster was in heaven. later, she joined in on the parade with stitch and friends...after breakfast, we jumped on the monorail and went to play at epcot for the day. as soon as we walk in, we see daisy duck standing there. we ask the girls if they want to take a picture with her, and of course, their answer was yes. they are my children after all, ya know. after wards, we ride on the "finding nemo" adventure as well as other rides and shows. here are some pics...this was my first time in epcot, and i found it to be really gorgeous especially walking within the huge gardens where i actually took the time to "smell the roses." hehe. while waiting for our lunch reservations, we sat on a park bench that overlooked the water. the girls waved at the ferries passing by while we enjoyed looking at the beautiful architecture that each country possessed.soon it was time for our lunch reservations at the Akershus Restaurant for the "princess storybook dining." the norwegian food was delicious and really hit the spot. later towards the end of the meal, cinderella, sleeping beauty, snow white, princess belle, and ariel all came out to stop at our table for autographs and pics. the mabster was hilarious...she'd eyeball them as they walked around the room, but as soon as they got close enough to her, it was like she was starstruck. she couldn't believe it and got quite bashful. you can tell by the pics. and lyla? she just glared at them. so stinkin' sweet.after lunch, we walked around a bit more throughout epcot. the little one was fading fast so lyla and i rode the monorail back to our room for a nap while daddy took the mabster back to the magic kingdom to revisit some of her favorite rides and a couple of new ones like the "tomorrowland indy speedway" where he let her drive and steer their race car all by herself. he said they did a zig zag and hit the bumpers the whole time while she just laughed and laughed. here are some pics...daddy and the mabster came back a few hours later and surprised lyla with her very own little mermaid doll. she loves it. also, the mabster came back with a disney collector pins holder necklace that she wore proudly. we got the girls ready and headed out to dinner inside our resort at the ohana restaurant. they served us all you can eat chicken, shrimp, steak, and pork during a festive parade and limbo dance for the kids. later, we watched from our table the fireworks over the castle. it was beautiful and lyla absolutely loved it. the mabster? she had such a long day with daddy that she seriously fell asleep in her chair. even ice cream with mickey mouse sprinkles couldn't wake her up. good times, indeed. so good that disney has now been declared an annual family vacation...if the funds allow it. here's to hoping. we love you, dear disney!