Saturday, April 10, 2010

guy's poker night

apparently during the easter egg hunt/birthday party last week, all the guys got to talking about getting together soon for a poker night. well if it's talked about in front of jay, it happens...that's the one thing i love the most about him. if he gets enough guys interested, he follows up with the mouth flapping. good for him. plus, as long as our house was free friday night for my girl time, the guys were more than welcome to claim saturday. and so it began.

they played downstairs as i tried to teach the nearly 4y/o that daddy is having a "no girls allowed" playdate in the man cave. my attempts were laughable, but they ended up working nicely. so they ended up playing two texas hold'em tournaments. the first game was bryan-mitchelle, and bryan took the win. the second game's final two were mugg-matt with mugg coming in first. while playing, they also watched the UFC fights of anderson silva vs demian maia. this is all i have to report other than their great time and that the bean dip i made was money (via jay's comments). yay for poker night!