Saturday, April 24, 2010

happy 1st birthday, CJ!!

saturday, we headed over to our second family's house in honor of CJ's first birthday party. i seriously can't believe that silly monkey is one already. cuh-razy. his birthday theme was the same as his room (sock monkeys), and everything was absolutely adorable. check out that cake...SOOO CUTE!!close family members started arriving, and the older girls played in big B's room while cousin carson and lyla played with the kitchen set. also, lyla tried to give her boy toy (aka the birthday boy) a baby doll and lots of hugs like she usually does. here are some pics...later, we all sang happy birthday as CJ blew out the candles on his cake with the help of big sis and friends. soon after, he tore into his very own piece as we all laughed and took pics. opening presents came next, and then we ended up hanging out all day and night with the bestest besties we could ask for. we love you guys, and happy first birthday, CJ!! XOXO