Saturday, April 3, 2010

happy birthday, ellie!!

saturday morning, we wake up to a kidless house and oversleep till about 10am. it was fantastic and much needed. we took a shower as soon as we got home the night before so i thought it was kinda funny to find my hair still wet when i woke up. i re-shower and start getting ready while jay runs over to lola and pawpaw's house to pick up the girls. once they got home, we got them dressed and headed over to the S family's house in honor of ellie's birthday and an easter egg hunt. we were excited. once we arrived, daddy jumped in the bounce house with the mabster and toshy while we waited for everyone to arrive so that the easter egg hunt could begin.the munchkins were all anxiously excited as they waited for miss heather to open the gate to their backyard where the easter egg hunt and all it's glory began to unfold. each kid was allowed to pick and find 10 eggs that way it was fair for everyone to have an even amount. the parents were pointing and helping the little ones find some, and it was so sweet watching the toshy find her very own and put it in her basket with the help of daddy.once everyone filled their baskets full and no more eggs were to be found, here comes the easter bunny hopping down the stairs. the look on the kids faces were priceless. everyone seemed to love him as they all gathered around and welcomed him with a big hug. including the mabster. so sweet. everyone got a chance to meet him, and of course, we got a family pic with the funny bunny.after playing outside which turned out to be a beautiful day, we all headed back inside to sing happy birthday and eat some yummy cake. later, we all watched ellie open up her birthday presents and played for a bit longer. all in all, we had a wonderful time. great job, and happy birthday, ellie!!