Tuesday, April 13, 2010

happy birthday to me!

tonight, we celebrated my birthday with jay's side of the family at nan's house around 6:00pm. she cooked some delicious salad, bread sticks, and spaghetti that everyone enjoyed. we all talked over dinner while abby and lyla ran around and played with cousin hudson. furthermore, i love that nan has her little basket of toys for them to play with. in the next pic, lyla is trying to sit on nan's puppy dog toy. the funny thing is, is that the puppy squeaks every time it's touched. needless to say, lyla thought it was great and began squatting on it just to hear it make a noise. she would stand. squat. repeat. as she giggled at herself. me? i thought it was ridiculously adorable. here is the pic...after dinner, jay went to the kitchen and with the help of nana lin and uncle germy, they began to light up my birthday cake with 29 candles. didn't realize that many candles would look like the 4th of july on chocolate. but it did. and it was amazing. so my girls sit on my lap and help me blow out the candles. abby had a tough time blowing out the last one until she nearly spit on it to diminish the blame. funny, yet effective. all i gotta say is that i knew wasn't going to eat that piece. here are the pics...soon after, my family of four posed for the traditional fingers picture. the girls ate the best part of the cake (the icing) and then ran around like mad again. i caught them all hiding under the dining room table as we were all cleaning up in the kitchen. it was cute. they were even whispering like they were conspiring some evil scheme. i'm on to you kids. picture snapped and memory saved. overall, a great birthday dinner with my favorite birthday presents...the green stuff. must.go.shopping.asap. hehe. thanks for everything, it's been a great 29th birthday!!