Sunday, April 4, 2010

happy easter!!

sunday is here, and the girls wake up surprised to see what the easter bunny had left for them. it was so cute to watch how excited they got. so i took a picture of the girls' easter baskets. no surprise there, right? but if you notice, they have more than just one each. reason being is because nana called and had them come over the day before because the easter bunny stopped by her house too and left them a basket. turns out he hid them in her house, and the mabster had to walk around looking for them. it was SO sweet. gotta love the nan!

so both the mabster and toshy have two easter baskets and too much fun. they got lots of surprises, however the mabster's favorite was her accordian. i don't know what that silly easter bunny was thinking, but clearly, he wasn't. :P also, the toshy loves eating her peeps (just like her daddy) and playing with her miniature picnic set.after searching through their baskets, we all got ready and headed to church at st. barnabas with family. mass started at 10:00am and everyone was there except for pawpaw because he had to work. once mass was over, we talked with a few parishioners and old classmates. later, we took some family pics in front of the beautiful trees. this is why i love my family so much...they love pics just as much as i do. it's a beautiful thing. really.after church, we all decided to eat at new china buffet since we ate there for easter last year. that place has the BEST chinese food ever including their sushi bar. we all took turns on fixing our plates, and the girls ate wonderfully. you'd think after watching them today that we don't feed them. HA! i was impressed. church was great and lunch was wonderful. all around, a great easter with family and the ones we love. hope everyone had a happy easter! xoxo


Elizabeth said...

What an awesome family pic in front of the church!! Love the fortune too;)

Kim said...

thanks, ellie!