Monday, April 12, 2010

"it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood..."

now you're singing it, right? don't lie. :D so today jay came home early and we all played outside for hours. the girls are going nutso now that the weather is so beautiful. they seriously hang off the doorknob and start screaming, "i wanna go outside!!" especially when daddy gets home because they know we will all be able to play on the back porch before it starts getting dark.

jay fires up the grill (SOO glad the man can cook or else we'd starve. don't get me wrong, i can cook some mean mashed taters, corn, and mac-n-chz as sides, but the MEAT is what really matters. at least in my eyes.) tonight, he grilled some jerk chicken and it was MONEY!!! mouth-watering, slap yo momma, money. we ate on the back porch and watched as the mabster dug around in the dirt with her shovel. i can't help but think of her as a "mini-lola" as she squats and excavates the soil around her. watching her actually motivates me to start gardening and plant flowers along our back patio again. i know she would love to get her hands dirty and help because although i have a black thumb, maybe she will inherit lola's green one. we'll see. here are some pics...pretty much everything i have stated above has been going on for the past couple of days, and it wears the kids the slap out. whether it's playing in the dirt, on the trampoline, or the neighbor's swing set with the other's super sweet to watch. the only downside? my kiddos are as dirty as jungle monkeys. no lie. they walk through the door, i throw them in a bath and instantly the clear water turns bright yellow (jay said it's either piss or pollen...i'm hoping for the latter). it's disgusting, really. dunk'em in some pajammies and finish feeding them dinner while they are sitting still long enough to actually chew. that's the gist of it. okay so this next pic is absolutely adorable. this is the toshy asleep at the dinner table before 8:00 even rolls around. and that, my definitely the upside to spring nights...