Monday, April 26, 2010

like, whoa.

recently (as of last night), a friend commented on one of tita karmie's pictures per her facebook page. since i was tagged to the pic, i received a notification as well. therefore, i clicked on the pic and was a bit taken back. it was an oldie, but definitely a goodie. nostalgic feelings came over me as i had almost forgotten about it since it was taken years ago. in fact, i believe the mabster was not even one yet guesstimating by the length of her hair.

location: at the lakehouse.
caption: "the mabster is always down for any of my shenanigans."
now here is the's ridiculously cute, no? as soon as i showed it to the mabster, these were her exact words,

"look, tita karmie has a baby in her belly, and it's ME!!"

so in the spirit of full disclosure, apparently, i am no longer her mother and this is proof of it...coming from a nearly 4 year old. oh bloody hell.