Friday, April 2, 2010

sisterly birthday bash!

friday night, karla maria, gracie, and i all celebrated our 29th birthday at home field. for the past 10+ years, we have always done this. it's a tradition and one of my favorites. we all agreed to celebrate this weekend since it also marked the restaurant's 20th anniversary. with help from some super fun friends, the festivities were hilariously awesome. below are some pics of the sweet surprises we received from friends and a group pic minus a couple of others. sorry if you're missing. it's hard to round up everybody in a bar, ya know? on the flip side, i really do not even know where to begin. let's let the pictures do the talking, shall we? it seems we started the night off fast and furious thanks to jay and his winning attempts of multiple shots headed our way. i'm not kidding when i say that we were all buzzed and feeling **really** good before ten o'clock even rolled around. one guy sang karaoke to an elvis song equipped with the king's mannerisms. he was so into character that karmie felt he was deserving of her to walk up to him and wipe the sweat off of his forehead with a napkin. hehe. it only enticed him more. bravo. here are some pics before things started to get super sloppy. cheers to the birthday girls!!speaking of karaoke...we watched. we drank. we laughed. we waited our turn. we butchered it. but it was fantastic. absolutely fantastic. first round: gracie gets up and sings sir mix-a-lot's "baby got back." wonderfully done. as we walked back, she kept saying "i'm so embarrassed" repeatedly. hehe. second round: karla maria gets up and sings shakira's "underneath your clothes" to tre. it was terribly awesome and gut-grabbing hilarious. third round: we all get up there and sing bell biv devoe's "poison." yes, inside our favorite little honky tonk where most likely not a single soul has ever heard of this song. we're crucifying it. badly. i believe i was singing in parts where it needed rapping until out of the shadows comes a big ole boy to the rescue. thank you, sweet baby jesus!! he grabbed a mic and went to town. relief. here are some pics...our glass of embarrassingly shenanigans was already overflowing. so we take a break and sit. thirsty? nope. why? perhaps because good ole jaydoug kept the birthdays shots right in our hands the entire night. at this point, we're dancing like no one's watching. breakin' it down to the upbeat songs and slow dancing like we're at a drunken sorority riverboat formal. good times, good times.overall, it was a great GREAT night. i don't know why, but it never fails that every time i tell myself, "eh, we'll make this a low-key night" ends up being AWESOME. we left right before closing time and headed to the waffle house. the next morning, i get a phone call from gracie. ends up she got sick right after we left. bless her heart. in all the years i have known her, i have never seen her that wasted. she was SO.MUCH.FUN. though. i love that SIL. looks like side one has been fertilized by jay, jess, and now gracie within the past 3 months...guess this is what happens when your family runs a bar. hilarious. it was a great birthday bash with awesome friends and family. love you all!!


kimberly kornman said...

gracie? drunk? what? we've had many the drunk sorority girl moments together...hehe! glad y'all had so much fun!

Kim said...

thanks, kimberly! i can only imagine the crazy stuff that ya'll did in ya'lls sorority days! :D