Friday, April 30, 2010

slammy's bachelorette weekend: day 1

friday morning, karla maria and i drove down to panama city beach, florida for the start of our friend slammy's bachelorette weekend. see, we go way back with slammy...from high school to being fellow sorority sisters in college to the present day. we still try to keep in touch although we live in two different states at the moment. here's a little background check to get ya'll up to speed with the slam just in case anyone is wondering: she graduated with her master's degree at FSU in developmental and child psychology. she is now a behavior analyst and works for autism services, as well as teaching a college behavior class. she used to live in PCB while working on her masters and that is why she wanted to revisit her old stomping grounds this weekend. see slammy works as hard as she plays. she may come off as "a dumb blond," but in all honesty, she is far from it. the girl's got cred and not just a hot bod. she surprises us more and more every day. we love you, slammy!on a side note, this weekend also fell upon the "12th annual biker thunder beach" week. oh yes, to say there were dirty old men on hogs every where you looked was an understatement. it was fabulous. so once we get there and check into the edgewater beach resort, we reminisce about the last time we stayed there during one of our family vacations when we were younger. good times. i digress. it was rainy that day so instead of heading to the beach like what we had hoped for, we popped in some sex and the city dvds and cuddled up with some girl talk. in all honesty, it was the perfect start. later, we all got ready for dinner at "uncle ernie's" in the st. andrews area where we ate on the outside patio. the peach mojitos were delicious!during dinner, slammy and meghan ran into their local friends freddie and kirk who later invited us to chill out on dr. roger's boat that was docked right beside the restaurant. the boat's name was Rome' and in the Great Lakes National Historic Registry. we thought that was kinda neat because dude, it was old. so slammy bartended for us while they played the music loud. we danced, sang, and had a good time just being silly. here are some pics...later in the night, we just walked around and proceeded to bar hop. as we were walking we passed a painted up mural with a beautiful ocean scene. i take one look at it, and the best photo opp pops into my head. i hand my camera over to jaime childs and scream to everyone else "start swimming!!" it was hilarious. we all strike different poses as she takes about 3 different pics. the last pic she took was priceless. notice slammy's pose. we took one look at it and said, "umm slammy...i don't think that's swimming..." my gawd. i laughed SO hard. gawd love it. here are the pics...