Thursday, April 1, 2010

thursday's thirteen

1.) so i know the mabster's word for last week was "sure." however this week, she has a new phrase. it's "you know..." and is always used at the end of every sentence. for example, "she's a princess. just beautiful, you know?," "this lotion smells good, you know?," "lyla sure does like yogurt, you know?" so on and so forth. i have no idea where she gets this from.

2.) yesterday's tweet- sunburnt. and it hurts so good. two thumbs up for hump day.

3.) today, i get to get meh hair done did. i'm super excited about it because now that spring is here, i'm going to request a bit more of the lighter caramel highlights. i hate having my hair look jet black (it's natural color) just makes me feel greasy, you know?

4.) this weekend, we'll be celebrating karla, gracie, and my birthdays at home field. we all decided to celebrate it a bit earlier in the month since this weekend also marks the restaurant's 20th anniversary. oh, fun will be had, my will be had...

5.) "Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you." –Maori Proverb

6.) i believe everyone in our neighborhood now owns a golf cart...except we don't live on a golf course. isn't it ironic? don'tcha think?

7.) saturday, we will be attending an easter hunt/birthday party for sweet little ellie. the girls are really looking forward to it. not to mention, i can't wait to see the big headed bunny make his appearance. with this comes witnessing some of the little ones going ballistic, err i mean, enthusiastic. :P

8.) the other day while outside playing, my kids were shocking me like mofos on the trampoline & laughing hysterically about it. even the little one. #notcool

9.) over the weekend, jay and i turned our home into de casa a la spring cleaning. i organized/cleaned both upstairs and the man cave while jay was in charge of the garage. ya'll don't even want to know how utterly bad our garage was. seriously. i wish i would have taken a before and after pic because it was unfathomable. now? we can do cartwheels in there without tripping over something. much.better.

10.) there's something about singing, "naked baby bum-bum" that sends the little one into a diaperless dancing tizzy. it's absolutely adorable.

11.) tan fat is better than white fat. #fact

12.) sunday is easter and of course, we'll be attending church with the fam shortly after the girls wake up to their surprise baskets that the bunny left. having kids really do make the holidays SO much fun.

and lastly,

13.) windows open & birds are a chirpin.' add in a side of researching for our upcoming family vacay, and i swear, LIFE.IS.GOOD. i can't wait for my princesses to meet the real princesses. yay for DISNEY WORLD!!! #daddydidgood